Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama (Photo: Getty)

Obama's weakness has helped Putin – and Isis

Determined to avoid repeating the mistakes of George W. Bush, he is making mistakes of his own that will have terrible consequences for decades to come

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Charles Moore’s Notes: Jeremy Corbyn, fanatic

The Paris atrocities, BBC rolling news, the right to criticise Islam, President Rouhani’s French dinner


There’s a right way to lose at the Oxford Union. I did the wrong way

They don’t do humour, the Stepford Students. So I’d give it to them straight

Northern Ireland's 'peace wall' (Photo: Getty)
Marco Rubio and Donald Trump (Photo: Getty)

Watching Republicans has never been so fun. But voting for them…

My old friend’s father might find the state of his beloved party a little confusing. He wouldn’t be alone


How the Germans made Glyndebourne

This is hardly the time of year for picnics on the lawn, but I have nevertheless had a week dominated

All hail to the Stig’s mum’s Seat Ibiza TDI Sport

The car: a ’06 rosso red Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI Sport, bought three weeks ago from a man who had

Don’t get on the Clapham omnibus; you might never get off

I got on a bus. Well, I wasn’t to know, was I? I just saw a bus stop by the

The doctored images of me and Demi Moore are in my solicitors’ hands

Blind is an indie movie that has an original screenplay by John Buffalo Mailer and is directed by his older