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Finally, a business rates reform! If only I knew what it meant

Plus: George Osborne's cunning pension plan; and the delightful Denis Healey

South Florida is projected to continue to feel the effects of climate change and many of the cities have begun programs such as installing pumps or building up sea walls to try and combat the rising oceans. (Photo: Getty)

A Supreme Court justice and the scary plan to outlaw climate change

An imaginary problem could soon have real consequences in international law

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Spittle is the only thing Labour has left

I’m perfectly qualified to dispense ‘community justice’ with the loutish protestors at the Tory party conference

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Isis takes its British schoolgirl jihadis seriously. Why don’t we?

If the authorities don’t act, the stowaway ‘Isis brides’ of today will be tomorrow’s homing missiles

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Charles Moore’s notes: Boris’s brilliance; Labour’s Joe McCarthy

Plus: The rage of Denis Healey; a clarification for Sir Geoff Palmer; and why there’s no party for my new book



Oh, how I will miss the plastic bag!

It has taken years, but finally England has joined the rest of the United Kingdom and other countries around the

Happiness is a chainsaw and a maul in the rain and the mud

It rained all day long last Friday in Provence, and it rained all night, and on Saturday morning it was

I rode my own racehorse and was changed for ever

‘The last owner who tried to ride his own horse got tanked,’ said the trainer, looking up at me as

Blood, sand and tragedy in Papa Hemingway and Ava Gardner country

Let’s take it from the top: Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The capital of Andalusia,