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High life: Enoch Powell was a prophet

1 June 2013

Do any of you still like the dread word diversity, one that’s proudly flung around by those who squirm when the name of the great Enoch Powell comes up? If anything, Powell was a prophet, and after the latest London outrage, his so-called Rivers of Blood speech sure comes to mind. He got it right while midgets such as Heath and Howe sold and keep on selling the country out to diversity. Can any of you imagine a time when a British soldier was unsafe wearing a military uniform in his own country? Well, yes, when the IRA was blowing up horses and soldiers near the Hyde Park barracks, but Tony Blair made nice with them and those same nice guys collect English pounds and don’t even bother to attend Parliament.

This same war criminal Blair, who lied and got Britain into two unnecessary wars in order to play big international statesman along with the idiotic George W., is out collecting millions, none of which, of course, will go towards Drummer Lee Rigby’s two-year-old son, nor the rest of his family. There is something very, very wrong here. Blair lies and plots and ends up getting thousands killed and crippled, and makes millions out of it. Rigby follows orders, does his duty and gets hacked to death by the kind of men Blair played and continues to play up to in order to cover all the bases.

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And another thing while the iron’s hot. The scumbag Choudary, a self-proclaimed imam, was invited by Channel 4 news to speak his mind, and he sure did. Not a word about the victim and the cowardly crime of hacking a defenceless man to death with knives and meat cleavers; just what victims he and his fellow Muslims are. The idiotic woman interviewing him should have jammed the microphone in his ugly bearded face, gouging his eye out; instead she politely let him get on with it. Yet, as a fellow panellist pointed out, the scumbag Choudary makes more than £25,000 a year on benefits alone, far more than Drummer Rigby ever made while risking his life for his country. But I have yet to hear one of those pompous asses in Parliament stand up and ensure hate-mongers like Choudary have their benefits rescinded. Britain is paying more to those who preach hate and encourage scum like the two suspects to go out and kill in cold blood than their victims do working and making an honest living. This is such an outrage, I’m happy not to be in London as I write this. Especially not in the vicinity of those pompous types who sprinted toward the microphones to tell us that this murder most foul will make our community stronger. Like hell it will. Not as long as filth like Choudary is allowed to live among us.

I write this just after seeing the news of this murder most foul in the airport in Nice. Socrates was the greatest of philosophers because he was the first to recognise and teach that virtue is knowledge, and that we cannot be good until we know what is good. Enoch Powell knew full well what England was getting into by opening her borders to Muslims and Afro-Caribbean races. He also knew that the welfare state encourages indolence, lack of initiative and the exploitation of the public purse. It also discourages an independent mind. The two subhumans who hacked an innocent young man to death are first and foremost ignoramuses. They believe the rubbish hate-preachers instil in their mini minds, hate-preachers that our élite have tolerated all these years out of fear of being called racists. The media is in cahoots with the PC scum, which silences those who don’t think alike and uses the very same media to do its dirty work. (While a white soldier is being hacked to death in London, a top golfer, Sergio Garcia, loses his sponsors because he makes a joke about fried chicken and Tiger Woods.)

Racism is a slogan designed to suppress constructive thought. Racism is the key word for those committed to the confidence trick that is race. Suppressing free thought has always been around. In the Middle Ages it was the H-word, as in heretic; now it’s the R-word for racist. That’s how they got Enoch and that’s how they’ve managed to bring Europe to the state it is in today. As I write, there are riots in Sweden, race riots, but the media are not reporting the facts: which are African and Muslim crowds, to a man in Sweden in order to collect generous benefits, are attacking the police after a criminal was shot. In America, as over here, the newspapers and television do not report a person’s colour after a crime has been committed, only what kind of baseball cap he was wearing. See what I mean by suppressing free speech.

And one more depressing thought while I’m at it. Nothing will come from the horror in Woolwich. Pompous politicians will give pompous speeches in order to appear on television. No real measures — such as immediate deportation for anyone carrying a sign that incites violence — will be taken. All hate speech in mosques monitored and the hate-preacher arrested. And deported. None of this will happen because the lefties at the Guardian might object. And did any of you notice that our élite were as anxious to denounce the EDL as they were the bloody horror perpetrated by those two black hoodlums in the name of Islam. A lot of people ask me why I don’t live in London any more. Now you know. PC drove me out five years ago.

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  • Valentine Fabris

    Well said Taki ! Please send a copy to Choudary under whichever stone he has crept back under.

  • topcat

    What worrying times we live in. As a lefty – born in England to immigrants, I found myself thinking of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speach, following the death of Lee Rigby’s brutal murder. But what we really want to prevent, is the EDL insighting racial hatred and concentrate on the removal of the likes of Choudary and his ilk, from our streets, towns, cities, country. In doing so, we will remove the genuine fear of many, that we are heading towards an Islamic state. We have to confront this kind of attack, instead of fearing the race tag. It is not racist to do so – just a need to eradicate this spew!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alan-Doyle/557251452 Alan Doyle

      ‘But what we really want to prevent, is the EDL insighting racial hatred
      and concentrate on the removal of the likes of Choudary and his ilk,
      from our streets, towns, cities, country’ If the government had done their job their would be no Chouldary and no EDL.

      • topcat

        Judging by your Surname, you also descend from migrants. Thus, ‘if the government had done their job there would be no Choudary and EDL’ and no you and me to discuss this issue. Remember, It wasn’t that long ago that our parents had to endure the no Dogs, Irish, Blacks etc!

        • cacklepipes

          Which is a very interesting thought, one that I, having ancestors of very many centuries in this country and having seen this country descend into the pile of shite that it is, think would be a very agreeable situation.

      • http://Firebird.com JunkkMale

        The EDL seem to be doing quite well on the ‘not being around much longer’ front by signing their ‘work’, if the latest, if oddly less cautious than before media reports are to be taken at face value.

        Mind you, it seems the Syrian Government is also kindly handing the Western establishment all the WMD excuses it needs to intervene, if for oddly low-benefit tactical gains.

        It’s almost like you can’t trust anyone anymore.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Fay/1127268875 Simon Fay

          I’m sure that really was the EDL starting that fire, and that Assad really is running sarin gas-chambers in the mass-rape-camps.

          • http://Firebird.com JunkkMale

            Well, the media seem pretty gung-ho already, and after a period of irritating ‘let’s not be too hasty’ watertight oversight, we seem back again to not worrying too much on actually awaiting proof before making or passing on claims.

            Somewhere a community is already getting fearful of a backlash, one is sure. And if not, our media will doubtless make sure they are.

    • Shazza

      Unfortunately, removing Choudary and his ilk will not stop the total islamification of the UK. Sheer weight of numbers will see to this together with the cowardice of our ‘leaders’ to address this problem.

      • Fritz123

        Islamisation when some churches of another faith are erected?

    • Drakken

      Well then as a lefty, your part of the damn problem because every time one of you limp wristed libtards throws out the race card to shut down debate, you just make a nasty backlash all that more enevitable. The EDL are the only ones pointing out the obvious, the rest of you leftards just wring your hands wishing the problem will go away.

    • cacklepipes

      This spew??????? For heavens sake, the problem goes very much deeper than islamic thugs which, as a lefty you really should understand.

  • Frank Bacon

    But what we really want… is politically correct trendy lefties to realize that the EDL is probably Britain’s last hope of preserving British values. I’m on the other side of the world and can see it.

    • Graham Ward

      Stay there.

      • Viking.

        Please move to the country of your soul-mates guest Pakistan.

  • Sailor

    A lot of sense here. But, let’s not forget that Choudary et all do not represent the majority of Muslims, just as the EDL don’t represent the majority of Brits. I like the photo. What would be the reaction in say, Tehran if someone had a sign that said, “Christianity for Iran”?

    • Terry Field

      The more Islam you read, the more radicalised you become if you start as a moslem. Try reading it; you will see.
      You imply most moslems are not ‘radicalised’. That they are ‘moderate’, whatever that means.

    • cacklepipes

      ALL muslims will follow their leader – unlike the English at this time, the presence of mosques, burkas etc will ALWAYS represent an unpleasant, ever present reminder of the threat.

  • Fritz123

    Well, the Law of Armed Conflict. He did kill a soldier who is a legitimate target in war. You cannot have it both ways. Maybe this was the lesson he tried to teach the UK. I think he was a very friendly young man who did excuse that a civilian lady had to watch it. He was a true knight!

    • Patricia

      “He was a true knight!”
      That’s not how I would spell “knight”.

      • Fritz123

        We dont have any freedom to limit the battlefield once we start a war. Lets call it the weak side of things or weaker side, dont know how strong we really were abroad. I have only some academic problems with it. Is it fair to fight assymetrical wars with an assymetrical LOAC? Fairness as in gentleman. Sorry, best!

    • cacklepipes

      A true soldier??????? sneaking up to someone in the street and beheading him? There’s a four letter word or two that adequately describe what you are.

      • Fritz123

        This is what is done with drones every day.

        • Fritz123

          Fairness means allways to see the other side too and we are with the other side in war. The topic of this war is not Sharia law in the UK or religion, but colonialism

  • David Milton

    “No real measures — such as immediate deportation for anyone carrying a sign that incites violence — will be taken… our élite were as anxious to denounce the EDL as they were the bloody horror perpetrated by those two black hoodlums in the name of Islam.” If the incitement of violence is treated the same whether it is caused by Al-Shabaab or the EDL, where do we deport those members of the EDL?

    • David Milton

      And if it is not treated the same, why not?

    • cacklepipes

      Extremism arises because of the situation caused by the government and it’s total failure to understand the mess it is in. I do detest this kind of smug remark because it is totally unnecessary and a complete waste of time. You are like too many football referees who see the retaliation and punish the the retaliator not the provocateur. You fall into the same class of blind liberals that got us into the mess.

  • Fritz123

    Enoch Powell in Sanremo..

    • Fritz123

      Ok, it was the other Powell

  • http://www.anthemshrugs.co.uk/ Anthem

    I rather think all this religion stuff is nonsense. God might or might not exist… I can’t tell for sure. All the evidence suggests that he doesn’t but, let’s leave a tiny possibility that he does.

    However, what is even less likely is that the stuff written in all the “holy books” is the word of this God. My money is on the very strong possibility (i.e. 99.9(recurring)%) that it was all written by a few blokes with delusions of grandeur.

    It might take a long time for everyone in the world to realise this but one day, I think we will all agree that it is indeed a pile of crap and not worth fighting, and dying, for.

    Some people just aren’t ready to let go of the safety blanket yet though.

  • http://www.boldinternet.co.uk/ Adrian Bold

    Excellent summary. All the time politicians are more concerned with their ‘other’ careers rather than serving this country, this situation is going to continue to get worse and the divide us even more.

    Take a hard line with extremists, whatever side of the fence. Turn a blind eye to one, then apply the same to all but be mindful of the consequences.

  • Graham Ward

    Pity we even waste our time responding to this claptrap. How Taki ever maintained his position as a columnist is beyond me. He is neither thoughtful nor incisive. Moreover, ranting on about violence while at the same time inciting it ( ” The idiotic woman interviewing him should have jammed the microphone in his ugly bearded face, gouging his eye out” reveals him for the charlatan he is and always was. I fail to see how this column in any way corresponds with the “High Life” and why he has a voice at all. Utterly irrelevant, unoriginal and pathetic.

    • Drakken

      So in other words ,as a libtard socialist, you will just go along to get along in order not to upset the fine sensibilities of the very fine religion of pieces, so they don’t cut your head off, you people of the left are the very worst cowards.

      • Graham Ward

        Interesting. Where to start with this rubbish. “Libtard socialist”. Not sure where we are with that. I suppose the suggestion is I am stupid. The evidence suggests otherwise. Socialist. I don’t think so. Nor is there anything in my reply that suggests it. What is a ” religion of pieces”? I have travelled extensively around the Middle East. I have never had my head cut off. Not has there ver been a threat of so doing. So the fact of going there can hardly depict me as a coward ( yes I am talking Syria. ) I wonder if you have ever been? Interesting that just because i don’t agree with Taki I am a person of the “left”. But whatever! If you need a pigeonhole use one. Why not address my central point instead of ranting…

        • Keith D

          I would be interested to hear your view on where you think the UK will be in terms of community cohesion in 20 years.And whether you think that failure to tackle creatures like Choudary is likely to reduce the litany of plots against the up to now tolerant and peaceful population.

          • Graham Ward

            Hard to predict. However, since we have embarked on a multicultural society for over a generation we might need to think of constructive ways to make it workable. I currently live in Sweden. The system has failed not because there was mass immigration, but because there was a signal failure to take the second step: integration. That means access to jobs essentially. As long as there is no meritocracy you get left with an excluded underbelly who in the end lose patience. Example: over 4000 middle eastern immigrants in Sweden are qualifies doctors , working as taxi drivers. The reason is not laziness. Educate people, integrate into work, and they will be less likely to be radicalised. There will always be lunatics on the fringe: Timothy McVeigh was one. It’s hard to legislate for that. But a policy of engagement is better than a reflexive rejection of whole groups of people who frankly want what we all want: peace and security.

          • Keith D

            Tried 2 replies to no avail.Here goes.Integration is impossible when the assimilating culture is terrorised,their children raped,transport detonated and laws flouted with the tacit acceptance of our police who will cover up hideous crimes if committed by those of a particular religion.Welcome to UK 2013.Enough,its surrender or fight.If integration was on the menu none of the above would apply.

          • Drakken

            Your understanding of multiculturalism is absolutely stunning in that you think it is workable, when it is clear as day that it is a complete utter failure. The socialist system that you are clearly advocating is a failure as well. Importing the 3rd world is turning you folks into the 3rd world and will lead to a Balkans type resolution, it is now inevitable. You can live in denial of reality, but sooner or later reality will visit your doorstep, good luck living in that utopian worldview of wishing that everything works out.

        • Drakken

          The fact that I work in the ME, far east and Africa and have for over 20 years does give me a hell of lot better view of reality than you who thinks that there is some sort of moral equivalence between us and them when there clearly isn’t any.
          The bottom line is very simple, you Europeans are going to have to make a choice very soon, you either side with the religion of pieces, or your side with western civilization, it is that damn simple. Choose wisely, for history is never kind to those who are on the wrong side of it.

        • cacklepipes

          Thank you for your response earlier. The world is NOT a better place for people like you who are frankly beneath any contempt. You do not, in fact, have any genuine intelligence in what you spout – I fail to see what it is you are even trying to say, you are all over the place. I’ve come across people like you so many times in this world and they are all the same – windbags. Please don’t bother replying because I have no interest in your drivel.

    • cacklepipes


      • Graham Ward

        Good response. It defines you for what you are, not for what I am. When you have something above the level of a playground rejoinder the world might be interested.

        • cacklepipes

          Playground rejoinder…Ho ho ho c****

  • Imtherealcontessa

    Hey Taki…how about a vile, bilious rant about young white guys who shoot up classrooms, movie theaters, libraries?

    • cacklepipes

      Focus on the issue here – throwing in this kind of stuff is irrelevant.

  • Gregory Zui

    These factions within the UK need to get real and grasp fact. The UK will never introduce Shariah law into society FACT, you cannot have more then one law system in the UK. Rights for muslims will diminish when we break away from Europe. Islam will never be embraced in the UK FACT. Benefits will cease if you cannot speak English and not contribute positively to the economy.

    • Terry Field

      Sharia Law is already functional for domestic matters in many islamic communities in Britain with the approval of the so-called ‘authorities’.

    • cacklepipes

      My, my such optimism!!!

  • Terry Field

    The reality behind diversity is the ghetto.
    Britain is a composite of ghettos.
    The members of the ghettos move in and out for pecuniary gain, but for nothing else.
    The peace between ghettos depends upon economic resilience.
    Now that is crumbling the ghettos are in more and more open conflict.
    And it will all get very much worse.

    • Fritz123

      Those Ghettos are experiments in city planning and are waiting for demolition since 20 years.

  • bodge

    Anyone who for one second thinks the EDL are an answer to anything is a jackass. The EDL has got more secret policemen infiltrated into it than the IRA ever had and as the country struggles under the forced austerity the ability to “buy” insiders in the org is becoming much easier. The murder in woolwhich was directly as a result of very poor foreign policy management and globalist ideals. The british government has “become” the law and when you are above or equal to the law you can murder brown people all over the world and no one but only a relatively small number will ever condemn you not that anyone in parliament really gives a ****. Britain is almost on its knees financially, fast asleep politically and mentally dissonant when it comes to reality. EDL is most certainly NOT Britains last hope, the PEOPLE of this country are Britains last hope. Dont put your faith into an organisation and sit back to see what they do, dont sit there on your keyboards or in front of your TVs playing armchair politics, you need to get off your arses and surround the various government establishments with around 8 million people and starve them out, bring the city to its knees until they have no choice but to listen to the people. It doesnt need violence even tough THEY WILL infiltrate various groups and cause the violence needed to use force, dont riot or cause damage even though THEY WILL have agent provocatuers attempting to do just that in order to start attempting to suppress. It takes a Nation not a gang to get this sorted, it needs rhetoric not riots and it has to be non violent though that may have to be flexible because lets be honest a non violent march has to be honestly looked at. The government and its various agencies are full of sheep like idolisers of power and authority and many will do ANYTHING to get that kind of power. Policemen have become policy enforcers, our military is now looking inwards and are no longer for the defence of the country and Germany is now (once again) the most powerful nation in Europe. The British with their stiff uper lip are still pretending there “is nothing to see here”. Unless this country stands together as one nation against a tiny minority of useless beaurocrats then we are screwed. Now go back to sleep, there is nothing to see here.

    • cacklepipes

      And YOU? What are you doing apart from shouting a very big mouth off??

      • bodge

        A damned sight more than you do obviously.

    • Drakken

      Well maybe you should talk to a few of those old IRA and UDF folks and take a page out of their playbook then? I have a feeling that you are going to need their sage advice.

      • bodge

        The Ulster Defence Force was practically run by british intelligence and the IRA was infiltrated to the hilt. The entire military strategy in Northern Ireland was based on Tiger Hunting believe it or not. The “beaters” (soldiers) and the “Shooters” (Special Forces). The “terrorists” would shoot and run like hell or snipe and dissappear, not a very succesful campaign. Now if the Irish had actually gone after the government ministers, parliament, heads of the army the whole story would have been a completely different picture, they were badly run and managed, their system full of mentally ill, kill em all types and that doesnt win you anything except a reputation for being a nut job. When TSHTF and it very likely will then dont bother trying clip the beasts toenails, you have to decapitate the beast.

  • Paul Weston

    There can be no argument that Islam presents the greatest threat to a peaceful Europe in our history. Not next year, I admit, but within 2-3 decades I see Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood spread across an entire continent a la break up of Yugoslavia, which of course fractured along racial and religious lines.

    But Islam is not our primary enemy. That label is reserved for the left liberals who got us into this catastrophic position in the first place, and who refuse to recognise the situation even now. One of Powell’s most important statement is as follows: “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils…”

    Exactly so, but Cameron, the EU high command and countless politicians across Europe are actively encouraging a clear evil; one which has waged war against the Christian West almost ceaselessly for 1400 years, and now genuinely believes victory is within sight.

    How I wish we were led by the Conservative realist Powell, rather than the PR spinmaster and liberal Cameron. Our children and grandchildren will suffer terrible times in the not too distant future, and the ultimate tragedy is that such an inevitably apocalyptic future was completely preventable, given the correct leadership.

    Paul Weston, Liberty GB.

  • cacklepipes

    The media needs to step up this kind of approach…..I have always said Blair should be charged with treason & genocide (UN charter…). Blair is, to my mind, much more of a racist than any EDL member, I am sure that anyone who takes a moment to look at this ‘career’ has to come to the same conclusion – unless of course they are in the same leftist boat as him.

  • Atyrau2010

    Christ, when I look at that gloating pack of scum in your photo, and when I think of how I had to behave when living in muslim countries in SE Asia, the middle east and central Asia, makes me want to vomit. Out with them, they are not now and never will be part of what makes Britain a desirable place to live.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. Blair lied Britain into two “unnecessary” wars with the “idiotic” United States of America President, George Walker Bush ….

    True that Tiny Blair’s a typical lying PoS Europeon-Neo-Soviet Off-shore satellite state fascissocialist. No debate about that.

    But George Walker Bush BA (Yale) MBA (Harvard) was bright enough to graduate from two of the world’s top five or six universities, to fly Convair F-106 Delta Dart fighter jets in the United States Air Force, to run a number of successful companies including a top-line Big-League Baseball Team and be several times elected Texas and twice President of the United States.

    The poor dumb basta*d.

    What was it you do and/or have ever done, again?

  • Abe Bird

    British deserve what they get. After British imperialism ruined the Middle East by building no-based new Arab states the collapse now hits Europe too. Now you have to deal with your own betrayal of History and the Jews. Britain rejected the creation of the Jewish state and fought the Jews, now are being fought by the Muslims that you so much cherished and loved …… Jesus doing favor to his people and punishes those who hate them !!!!!

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