Aidan Hartley

Aiden Hartley is the Spectator's Wild Life columnist.

What I learned from the Somali pirates

Aidan Hartley says that Somali piracy is very well-organised and efficient and is opposed publicly only by militant Muslims — who may yet seize power in Mogadishu

Wild life

Living off the land

Wild life

African exodus

Wild Life

The ‘No’ republic

Wild Life

Uninvited guests

On red alert

Aidan Hartley on the Wild Life

My brilliant career

Aidan Hartley on the Wild Life

Fat cat diary

Aidan Hartley on the Wild Life

Rural poor

Aidan Hartley on the Wild Life

Ambushed in Somalia

Aidan Hartley on the Wild Life

Look and learn

Aidan Hartley reports from Somalia

When elephants fight, the grass suffers

Aidan Hartley says that the violence in Kenya reflects the failure of the political class: better paid than their European counterparts in a nation where many live on 50p a day

Down Mexico way

Aidan Hartley heads to the US-Mexico border

Mid-life crisis

Aidan Hartley on why life is going to be different from now on


The terrible secrets of Beijing’s ‘black jails’

The author’s arrest while investigating Chinese prisons


Blot on the landscape

Malindi I watched a nest of baby turtles hatch on the beach in front of my mother’s house recently. What…


Bread and circuses

I am in Beijing making a film about the Olympic city...


Home truths

I ask my neighbours how one fixes a chimney.


Raid rage

I sat down to write this next to the skull of a Samburu cattle rustler who recently fell in battle.

Flying high

I have hated flying since 1989, when I was in a Boeing 737 that crashed into an Ethiopian mountain

House work

After three years in tents and having spent a fortune we still have not moved into the house

Horribly close to a holy war

US policy has driven Somalia into the arms of extremists

Inside story

A great white hunter takes aim at a few sacred cows in contemporary Africa

Kenya’s trials

Tom Cholmondeley has done it again