Alexander Fiske-Harrison

Sneer of cold command: Velázquez’s portrait of the Count-Duke of Olivares, Philip IV’s ‘Ozymandias-like vizier’ (detail)

Spain’s golden age — with a silver lining

As every schoolboy knows, ‘the empire on which the sun never set’ was British, and ‘blue-blooded’ was a phrase applied…

Britain's top military chief, General David Richards Photo: Getty

I guarded Rudolf Hess

I had the misfortune to meet Lord Richards on probably the darkest day of his 42 years in the military.…

Ernest Hemingway (Picture: Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Does the world need 17 volumes of Hemingway's letters?

‘In the years since 1961 Hemingway’s reputation as “the outstanding author since the death of Shakespeare” shrank to the extent…

Alexander Fiske-Harrison enjoys a 'story slam' at the Edinburgh Fringe

The ‘story slam’, imported from Chicago, is the latest craze at the Edinburgh Fringe. Alexander Fiske-Harrison, author and bullfighter, enjoys this novel literary blood sport


A good run

Why I risk my life among the bulls of Pamplona


Stronger than fiction

I think it was a Frenchman — it usually is — who observed that the English love their animals more…