Andrew Gimson

This Kohlian abomination

In the year when East and West Germany were being reunited Günter Grass felt he must start keeping a diary.…


Conduct becoming

Every so often a programme appears which can be recommended even to people who hate television. Parade’s End (Friday, BBC1)…


Prophet of doom

Enoch Powell was defeated. He condemned Edward Heath for being the first prime minister in 300 years who entertained, let…

No time for bogus pieties

This is the shortest political memoir I have ever been sent for review. It is a marvel of concision: 27…

Class system

Is it a waste of money to send your children to private schools?

A safe pair of hands

Michael Spicer is too honourable to be a brilliant diarist. As he himself says, ‘I eschew tittle-tattle or small talk.’…

Anglo-Saxon divide

Philip Oltermann has set himself an almost impossibly ambitious task. In 1996, when he was 15 years old, he moved…

Fear and loathing in Baden-Wurttemberg

Ordinary Germans are too scared of the euro to want to leave it


The rival

Ken Livingstone’s attacks on Boris Johnson seem to conceal admiration


The Conservatives: A History by Robin Harris

If David Cameron and his friends wish to know why they and their policies are so despised by some Conservatives…


Work in progress

At long last Johnson Studies is starting to take off.


Liverpool Drink, gossip, late nights, hotel rooms in which it is impossible to open the window or get back to…

Professional jealousy

Andrew Gimson wonders why journalists are in such a hurry to disparage Eton

White mischief

Boris Johnson’s enemies are hoping for a final snow-down


The Tories’ history man

Andrew Gimson talks to Alistair Cooke, the godfather of the Cameroons, about Dave’s temperament and Hilton’s penchant for ponchos


The property bubble is waiting to burst

Andrew Gimson asks why, in the middle of a violent recession, London property is still so hideously overvalued. The real pain may be yet to come

The political education of David Cameron

The big influence on Cameron from his youth is the think tank founded by Neville Chamberlain, argues fellow Conservative Research Department alumnus Andrew Gimson

Cameron is not an enigma, he’s an Anglican

The Tory leader is not a holy man, says Andrew Gimson, but he is steeped in C of E tradition and, like the Church, he relies on an innate moral compass

Boris for Prime Minister?

Andrew Gimson says that David Cameron and George Osborne should prepare themselves for competition. The Mayor of London might well have his eyes on the ultimate prize.

Carry on, cardiologist

First it was his bowels, then his heart: Andrew Gimson on the delicate procedures that followed a minor medical scare

King of the charm offensive

There could scarcely be a more delightful way to remind oneself of the British and French statesmen who created the…

Cigarette lady

Andrew Gimson talks to Lady Trumpington about the pleasures of passive smoking

The joys of inequality

Andrew Gimson says the Prime Minister is quite right to impose top-up fees on millions of listless, lazy, conformist students

Honour bound

Andrew Gimson says that the leaked honours memo reveals the establishment in all its glorious timidity and conformity

Hitler’s unbalanced Orangeman

Lord Haw-Haw: The English Voice of Nazi Germanyby Peter MartlandThe National Archives, £19.99, pp. 308, ISBN 1903365171 Although I yield…