Angela Shanahan

Domestic violence beat up

The feminist-approved, media-driven ‘gender’ agenda is ignoring where the real problems lie

Anzac Diary

I am writing this diary from the Opera, not the theatrical sort, we are on a cruise ship anchored for…

Feminism: no longer a Left/Right divide

Now the Right have set up their own Feminist Club, much like the Left have. Ordinary women need not apply.

It aint over till the diabetically-challenged lady sings

Political correctness is playing havoc with our opera


Foreign notes

We have been in Italy since the beginning of May when I had what people politely term a ‘significant birthday’,…

St. Peter's Basilica

Our valued Vatican envoy

In mid-2009, I landed in Italy for an extended break, as it happened, on the day of the L’Aquila earthquake.…


I have been spending the week in Rome, having breakfast and dinner most days with Pope Francis I. Literally. How…

Never-ending ‘schoolies’

It’s time parents said ‘no’ to deadly end-of-year hedonism

Australia Diary 4 August 2012

We have been in Italy for the past two weeks and I am writing this from the terrace of our…

Vocal support

Despite the success of La Traviata, opera in Australia is still trying to balance art and commerce

Australian Books: In tent city

Memoirs are all the rage, and Australian memoirs have a particular flavour. They tend to exemplify what seems today like an old fashioned stereotype: the little Aussie battler battling through. That this form of memoir, pioneered by Albert Facey’s classic A Fortunate Life, continues to be popular in this country shows that perhaps there is more truth to the little Aussie battler story than the doom and gloom story vacuum that is so much postmodernism.

The laudable legacy of Lionel Logue

Australia still leads the world in speech therapy

No to feelgood ambassadors

Catherine Deveny’s appointment as an ambassador for the disabled shows what nonsense these positions are


Rome I am here for the canonisation of Australia’s first saint, Mary MacKillop.

Mother inferior

A Pressure Cooker Saved My Life: how to Have It All, Do It All and Keep It All Together
by Juanita Phillips
ABC Books, $35, pp. 259,
ISBN 9780733325885