Barry Cohen


Heard the one about me…?

The greatest ever Australian was never lost for a one-liner

Bush telegraph: get the message

Big smoke vs region

Go bush young man! Remote towns are more relaxed and comfortable than the inner cities

People hold up banners as they gather to

We’re not the real culprits

Memo, human rights advocates: stop picking on us


Stop ringing me!

How does Australia benefit from foreign call centres using Australia as a source of income totalling billions?

History of Apartheid in South Africa

Where were you during apartheid?

It was the second session of the 27th parliament, 3 March 1970. The House was sitting for the first time…

Caring for your koala

It’s time for property developers to chip in


Bring ’em back in

Labor wastes too much talent by getting rid of old hands

Standing at the altar

The gay community’s march of progress must stop at marriage

Don’t tie me kangaroo down with red tape

Bureaucrats are no friends of the wildlife conservation movement   

Bushfires are the real emissions problem

So why is Australia so slow to adopt proven fire detection technology?

No room in Parliament for one of its crippled veterans

Life with a cane has turned me into one of those bolshy ‘disabled’ types I once scorned

Fast forward to a Zero Road Toll

It’s time to stop blaming drivers for road deaths and let engineers do their jobs

The Nervous Nellies could use some of Chifley’s spirit

Our 16th PM contested his seat ten times over 25 years, but today’s MPs panic after one negative poll, says Barry Cohen

This isn’t Britain: there’s no expenses scandal here

Hypocritical journalists are going after MPs, but they won’t find the juicy story they’re looking for, says Barry Cohen

An unacceptable ‘sport’

The Northern Territory’s plan to support crocodile hunting is as nonsensical as it is barbaric, says Barry Cohen

There’s more to opposition than simply opposing

Malcolm Turnbull’s lack of new ideas keeps the Coalition languishing on the wrong side of the house, says Barry Cohen

Guilty, yes, but entitled to some respect

Marcus Einfeld’s exemplary public service record has been overlooked in the rush to condemn him, says Barry Cohen

Passport to Hell

Travelling on government business should make it easy to get a passport — or so Barry Cohen thought

Time to put up or shut up, Mr Costello

Peter Costello should make his move or let Malcolm Turnbull get on with the job, says Barry Cohen

We owe it to the dead to trial bushfire detection

Barry Cohen says Australia must look seriously at satellite imaging technology

Job creation works only with community support

As the government prepares for rising unemployment, Barry Cohen anticipates the usual complaints

The national identity

As benefits bureaucracy spirals, Barry Cohen calls for a revival of the Hawke government’s Australia Card proposal

Balance population with quality of life

Barry Cohen questions how many immigrants Australia can accept before its infrastructure starts to suffer

An Aboriginal PM? Get some Aboriginal MPs first

The parties are dragging their heels while Australia’s Barack Obama goes unrecognised, says Barry Cohen

The Devil’s Number? Not a shred of evidence

Barry Cohen dismisses cricket pundits’ superstition regarding the number 87