Brendan O'Neill


The new wowserism

Thanks to the intolerant orthodoxies of the Left, ordinary conservative Australians are now moral larrikins

Aping racism

The behaviour and attitudes of today’s anti-racists bears an uncanny resemblance to, er, racism

Death online

The brave thing now: don’t write about your death

In the social media age, breaking ‘the last taboo’ is de rigueur

Clash of the gay-marriage glory-hunters

From corporations to politicians, everyone’s looking to purify themselves via gay marriage

Sex, lies and, er, rape

A recent conviction in the ACT makes rapists of us all


An A-to-Z guide to the new PC

Anyone who thought political correctness had croaked, joining neon leg warmers, mullets and MC Hammer in the graveyard of bad…


Gay marriage and the death of freedom

Rather than striking a blow for individual liberties, the dogma of gay marriage is stifling them


Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the ‘right to be comfortable’

Free speech is so last century. Today’s undergraduates demand the ‘right to be comfortable’

Now it’s the tranny-state

The transgender community have become masters (er, mistresses?) of intolerance and offence-taking


Students - bunk off your sex classes and learn on the job

Universities are forcing undergraduates to attend sex education classes. Poor students


The biggest civil liberties outrage you've never heard of

‘Bubble matches’ sound like something quaint. In fact,they’re an outrage against civil liberties

Reaction To Loss Of 27 Australians In Air Malaysia Plane Disaster In Eastern Ukraine

A dark day for Australia

Tony Abbott’s ‘leadership call’ on Section 18C is a double-whammy wallop in the face of liberty

Vienna Opera Ball

Just another witch hunt

Should we really ostracise the opera singer Tamar Iveri?


Welcome to the age of self-love

Pro-masturbation campaigning is a cause for our narcissistic times


I knew from reading his book that Bob Carr was colossally vain. But still I’m stunned when, 90 seconds before…


In praise of Big Coal

Through its coal-digging antics, Oz has made itself the midwife of a new era of progress around the world


A culture war on whaling

Australia’s successful international block on Japan’s business represents the nanny state gone global


Please stop trying to raise my awareness

Once, campaigners and charities tried to fight social evils. Now they just tell us about them

Netanyahu Meets With Cameron

Israelis don’t care that we hate them. But they’d like to know why

Israelis’ theories on why it’s fashionable for the West to despise them

Cleo Bachelor Of The Year - Judges Photocall

Trollhunters are a menace to the internet

Don’t blame Twitter for the tragic death of Charlotte Dawson

Foreskin Man

The latest anti-Semitic cry: ban circumcision

The thinking of those who seek to ban circumcision is dreary, backwards – and often anti-Semitic

British musicians Miss Dynamite (5th L)

Why interns don’t deserve pay

The ‘intern justice’ movement is preposterous – and damaging

Ein Schaf nach dem Scheren

In defence of individualism

We need more individualism – not less

Shot down

The anti-vaccination crew are nuts, but also victims of intolerance

A woman carries her dog during the Gay P

Can animals really be gay?

The insulting cult of the gay animal