Carol Sarler

preparation of marijuana cigarettes

Why I’m sick of slippery-slope arguments

Good laws and valuable scientific discoveries are being blocked with the laziest argument in the book


Sorry, Kellie Maloney, but to be a woman you must first be a girl

I applaud Frank – now Kellie – Maloney. But I still think being a woman means growing up as one


Why Weight Watchers doesn’t deserve taxpayers’ money

Why slimming clubs don’t deserve public money


Justice isn't supposed to make a victim 'feel better', Damian Green

Our ancient right to a fair, impartial trial is under threat


I’m sick of sponsoring you to suffer

Every charitable donation now seems to come with a promise to suffer

People. England. 1957. A mother and a young child look at a line of washing machines in a laundrette.

The mother myth

There is no such thing as a full-time mum, and never has been

Search Continues For April Jones After Suspect Is Charged With Her Murder

Not in front of the children

When did we stop shielding the young from our public displays of grief?

The need for seed

The law depriving sperm donors of their right to anonymity is a daft one

Experts in suffering

It’s unwise to treat victims of tragedy as universal sages

Worse than hacks

Think journalists are vile? You should see the people who talk to us

Institutionalised brutality

Why Lord Winston may, unfortunately, be right about nurses from Eastern Europe

Feel the pain

Growing up is about learning how to deal with life, not pathologising it


Old father time

Becoming a dad past retirement age isn’t miraculous, it’s just selfish


The hangover from hell

If a drunken woman and a drunken man have sex, our legal system treats the man as a rapist. That’s wrong — and patronising


Hard labour

Moralising doctors and nature-worshipping feminists are driving women to accept needless pain during childbirth


The burka curtails my freedom

The great debate about the full-face Muslim veil is usually cast in terms of religious rights, says Carol Sarler. But what about my right to see who I’m talking to?


Do you want someone like you in charge?

Why must government be ‘representative’, asks Carol Sarler. It makes no sense. We must fight back against this pernicious new orthodoxy

The shameful truth is that we love our sex crimes

Carol Sarler says that the enquiry into Catholic child abuse made the headlines because of a pervasive hypocrisy: a fixation on sex that lets us be both prurient and puritanical

There is no dignity in this Alzheimer’s parade

In the week that John Suchet made his wife’s dementia public, Carol Sarler questions this revelatory trend. Is it really what the sufferers would have wanted?


Don’t waste time courting ‘moderate’ Muslims

Enlisting the help of ‘moderate’ Muslims is pointless