Charles Glass

A boy named Marion: John Wayne pictured on the set of Stagecoach (1939)

John Wayne, accidental cowboy

I’m not making a picture [The Green Berets] about Vietnam, I’m making a picture about good against bad. I happen…

Freed US journalist Charles Glass 87

A hostage’s daydream

The 25th anniversary of my kidnapping – as I imagined it, and as it is

Man with a mission

He was a Persian aristocrat who struggled to make his country a democracy. Given to mood swings and sulks worthy…


The original special relationship

Of all the cities in all the world, Paris dominates the American imagination more than any other. Although Americans may…

Farewell, my father: the sun sets on my horizon

Charles Glass pays tribute to the man who was his measure in all things, and whom he thought, like all sons, would be there forever

Death of a billionaire PM

Rafik Hariri was Lebanon’s bulldozer. A buccaneer. A bruiser. Built like a heavyweight boxer, he looked more butcher than billionaire.…

They stood me up

Charles Glass discovers that women are now cancelling dinner dates by text. What’s the world coming to?