Christopher Booker

Della Francesca’s ‘Resurrection’

The mathematical revolution behind ‘the greatest picture in the world’

The Indian inspiration with which Piero della Francesca created ‘the greatest picture in the world’


Revealed: how green ideology turned a deluge into a flood

The ideology that created an unnatural disaster


How the first world war inspired the EU

To understand the real meaning of the EU, you must grasp that it originated in the first world war, rather than the second

Labour Beat

Profumo. Chatterley. The Beatles. 1963 was the year old England died

If you’re looking for the year when the old England died, this was it

Study Suggests San Bushmen May Be Oldest Population On Earth

An Appetite for Wonder, by Richard Dawkins - review

It is peculiarly apt that the author of this autobiography should be the man who coined that now fashionable term…

human beehive edit

E.O. Wilson has a new explanation for consciousness, art & religion. Is it credible?

His publishers describe this ‘ground-breaking book on evolution’ by ‘the most celebrated living heir to Darwin’ as ‘the summa work…

Dragon of Rumour, from 29 March 1963
The frozen town of Leiden in the Netherlands c.1665 by Anthony Beerstraten

Global Crisis, by Geoffrey Parker - review

Just before I was sent this huge tour de force of a book to review, I happened to be reading…

'The Age of Global Warming', by Rupert Darwall - review

We scarcely need our fifth freezing winter in a row to remind us of the probability that future generations may…


Somerset Notebook

When we looked out of the window last Sunday morning to see thick snow blotting out the Mendip hills above…


When in 2009 I published a book called The Real Global Warming Disaster it provoked contrasting responses from two members…


Butterfly effects

How global-warming enthusiasts misread nature

Rings of steel

No one does Olympic bombast like a totalitarian dictatorship, as I discovered in Moscow

Debate denied

Dissent on global warming has been shut down from the start


Private Eye’s private life

The first editor of the magazine turns a quizzical eye on 50 years of a ‘national institution’


Scientists in hiding

Academics who dare to question the scientific establishment’s consensus on Darwinism or global warming increasingly find themselves ostracised and demonised

Poisoned spring

Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo, by Michael McCarthy
Wings and Rings: A History of Bird Migration Studies in Europe, by Richard Vaughan

Mind over matter

Why Us?, by James Le Fanu


Beware the politician posing as a scientist

Christopher Booker squares up to Sir David King, the former Chief Scientist, whose knowledge of chemistry does little to underpin his crusading rhetoric as a green campaigner

No better way to turn 70 than in the Darjeeling hills

Christopher Booker launches his eighth decade in India with a spot of street cricket, a return to his mother’s birthplace and a salute to a country reclaiming its historical pre-eminence

Killer peak

Christopher Booker recalls how he celebrated his 65th birthday by tackling Africa's highest mountain