Christopher Caldwell


Greece’s secret weapon: Grexit would hurt Merkel most

Grexit would be worse for Germany than for Greece

Bob Dylan Performing In England

Bob Dylan and the illusion of modern times

Bob Dylan and the illusion of ‘your era’


What Angela Merkel really wants (it's not good news for Dave)

The German Chancellor has a lot in common with David Cameron – which is why she can’t afford to help him very much

Obama Works On Strategy For Syria

Obama knows that America has lost its appetite for war

Obama has realised that America has lost its appetite for war


Washington DC: My elegant and sociable mother-in-law received an email this week warning that, should she wander on to her balcony…


Merkel’s sovereign remedy

Britain and Germany agree about the EU’s economics – but they’re still headed for an irreconcilable clash


Sarkozy’s last stand

The man who promised to reform France looks set to become a martyr to the euro – and his own abrasive personality


America’s overdue financial crisis

When Congress went into deadlock on the debt ceiling, it was the culmination of years of bitterness and complacency – and there is worse to come


If you want a friend in Washington, the saying goes, get a dog.


You can’t say that here!

Thilo Sarrazin is breaking Germany’s taboos on welfare and immigration – and selling over a million books in the process


My room was not ready when I arrived, underslept after a flight from Washington, at the hotel near Shaftesbury Avenue where I’m going to spend the next few days.

Obama is on course for victory. But he isn’t ready for the White House

Although McCain could still theoretically win, the Democrat candidate looks set for glory, says Christopher Caldwell. But Obama has even less to say about the economic crisis than his rival, and has prospered by keeping quiet on controversial issues


An American conservative who loves the Constitution

Christopher Caldwell on the impact of Ron Paul, the anti-war congressman running for the Republican nomination and finding unexpected support on the web

The message of this wipeout is that Americans believe they’ve lost the war

Christopher Caldwell says that the mid-term elections were a landslide in which the Republicans paid a heavy price for Iraq, for sexual scandals and for ugly campaigning. Withdrawal from Iraq, inquiries, impeachment: anything is possible now

Why I love the French

Taking issue with the Americans’ Francophobia

This is how Bush will be impeached

Christopher Caldwell says that the President will face the same trial as Clinton if the Democrats triumph in the midterm elections

Bush: Palestinians good, but not great

The politics of conviction helps the President not because his own convictions are so good but because those of his opponents are so bad

The fruits of victory

Tony Blair's visit to Camp David comes at a time when we are riding high in America. Christopher Caldwell says that by backing Bush, the Prime Minister is likely to make Britain a Great Power once more