David Martin Jones

Singapore singalong

A state sponsored musical pays homage to Lee Kuan Yew, la

Rumble in the jungle

In the surreal tropical politics of contemporary Malaysia it is good business sense to use government funds to make loss-making…

Abbott’s ‘Goldilocks’ balancing act

Following the G20, Australia finds itself in an unique and desirable position with the world’s two superpowers

Australia Indonesia Spying Row

Indonesia should grow up

The country’s ability to conduct itself as a mature regional power is increasingly in doubt

Indonesia Australia Protest

No apology

On Indonesia, Tony Abbott is right to ignore the self-loathing Asia-first elite

Australia Election

A political melodrama

We really do need to talk about Kevin

A new Malaysia

Will Canberra support this emerging democracy?

Big Sister

Orwell’s daughters

Feminist doublethink is a sign of Labor’s rank hypocrisy

Democratic malaise

It’s time to address our relationship with Malaysia

Memo from Machiavelli

The father of political science would see through Gillard and Rudd in an instant

Old South Wales socialism made Gillard who she is

The cultural influence of her birthplace pervades the PM’s political outlook and personal style, says David Martin Jones