Dean Bertram


Terror Australis

Wolf Creek 2 marks a sea change in our film industry


In praise of Australia's Liberal Democrats

Far from being dismissed, David Leyonhjelm may spark a genuine libertarian renaissance

Australia Election

Why doesn’t the Facebook abuse of Tony Abbott prompt outrage from the moral guardians?

Why doesn’t the online abuse of Tony Abbott prompt outrage from the moral guardians?

A dangerous idea

The argument that ‘after-birth abortions’ are justifiable should concern us all

Wild life Australia – 7 July 2012

Cancer is a bitch. It isn’t the stuck-up kind who turned you down in high school. Neither is it the…

Fear and loathing on the shooting trail

The beat-up over hunting in NSW national parks is only the latest example of Australia’s phobia of guns

Katter to the rescue

The Australian party is riding into town. Now the citizenry have to get behind it at the ballot box

A hazardous occupation

Occupy Sydney kicked off with a whimper, but carbon tax austerity could empower its radical base

Let it be known: I stand with Israel

As the two-state solution gains traction and the UN vote looms, now is the time to reaffirm our commitment

Wild life: No Cannes do

The most erotic vision of my life played out before me last month, sur la plage at Cannes.

Wild life Night of the scorpion

‘Shots at the bar!’ The shout erupted from behind me.

The things I do to get to Cannes

‘Can I see your boarding pass?’ I was at Heathrow airport, on a sanity- threatening nine-hour layover between Hong Kong and Nice.

On bouncers, death and drinking

Australian pub culture is spiralling into a savage donnybrook of personal irresponsibility

Liberty stripped, groped, irradiated and deceived

Abuses and lies by the US Transportation Security Administration illustrate why Australia should never have body scanners

Stand up for gay zombies

Why you should be mad as hell about a raid on a film festival director’s home

Trouble brewing

Australia needs the Tea Party movement as much as the US does — but we should expect the same sneering response

Crocodile Dundee takes on the ATO

Rather than hitting Hoges with a tax bill, the government should be sending him a fat cheque, says Dean Bertram

It’s easy being green

Dean Bertram argues that a pervasive culture of ‘green chicness’ is responsible for the Greens’ electoral success

Don’t be fooled: her hair’s not the only red thing about Julia Gillard

If Labor and the press won’t deal with leftist extremism, it’s up to the rest of us, says Dean Bertram

Hooray for Hollywood

If only there were more Russell Crowe conservative types in the Australian film business, laments Dean Bertram

Facebook is not guilty of murder, but it is evidence of a degraded society

Social networking sites reflect a culture of narcissism and thoughtlessness in real world personal relations, laments Dean Bertram