Ed Howker

… in the battle for London

Charlatan, fornicator, liar, inebriate, pugilist, Marxist, anti-Semite; Ken Livingstone has been called many things but never a writer. Actually, that’s…

Different class

Ed Howker on the traditional grammar schools that are now maintaining their standards in the independent sector


Getting the balance right

Branko Milanovic is the lead economist at the World Bank’s research department, a professor at the University of Maryland and a grand fromage at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace too.


The alternative story

What the Electoral Reform Society doesn’t want you to know

What’s the big idea?

If you’re not quite sure what the Prime Minister means when he talks about the big society, you’re not alone.

Cameron’s clearances

The political – and human – costs of housing benefit reform may be higher than anyone in the government has guessed


Death of a dandy

In the final interview before his death last week, Sebastian Horsley told Ed Howker about being ‘the high-priest of the dandy movement’, a heroin addict and a self-confessed fraud


Squeaky clean? Nick Clegg is sleazier than you think

Chief among Nick Clegg’s grand claims during this election is that he is Britain’s ‘most honest’ political leader.


Community spirit

Our labyrinthine planning system must be overhauled, says Ed Howker

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Chilcot Inquiry

Alastair Campbell emerged from that kind of shining silver limo more accustomed to transporting the likes of Jordan and Paris…

All in a good cause?

Today’s big charities are slick operations that spend huge sums on running costs and marketing, says Ed Howker. Worse, many of them have been annexed by the government

The real price of true love

As the length of the average marriage shrinks, so the cost of the average wedding escalates. Ed Howker investigates an overblown industry