Fraser Nelson

Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.


George Osborne’s epic kowtow to China

Cameron and Osborne have a very clear China policy: do whatever China wants


Fraser Nelson’s Diary: Spotting the miscreants at Jeremy Clarke’s drunkenness-themed book launch

‘Hello. I’m lesbian threesome,’ the young lady tells Taki. ‘And I’m Mongolian rampage,’ says the young man beside her. We’re…


Left-wing populism is on the rise - and may take Ed Miliband to No10

Would-be leaders of the left are harnessing the mood of angry populism


Alex Salmond sets out his terms for Ed Miliband

‘Would you like a glass of pink champagne?’ asks Alex Salmond at 3.30 p.m., sounding very much like a man…


A jobs miracle is happening in Britain, thanks to tax cuts. Why don't the Tories say so?

The jobs boom is one of the Tories’ finest achievements. Why aren’t they talking about it?


Revealed: the marriage gap between Britain's rich and poor

Marriage has emerged as a serious – and perhaps surprising – social divide


Every 73 seconds, police use snooping powers to access our personal records. Who'll rein them in?

Police are using an anti-terror law to run wild in the public’s mobile phone records


Primogeniture Chic

The furniture entrepreneur Annabel Astor — who also happens to be the Prime Minister’s mother-in-law — describes her daughter’s design sense and says why she doesn’t care for ‘Oka Conservatism’

What's at stake

Spectator appeal: tell Scots why they should stay, and why Britain is worth saving

It’s extraordinary to think that we could be 12 days away from the destruction of our country. The union of…


Danny Alexander on Scottish independence, income tax, Nick Clegg and George Osborne

Danny Alexander, the coalition’s senior Scot, on cricket,on his battle for Britain and his colleague George Osborne

Beyonce in concert on her Mrs. Carter World Tour, Merksem, Belgium - 20 Mar 2014

Why Beyoncé is a conservative icon

Meet popular culture’s most powerful advocate for marriage

brooks edited

Old Labour, New Danger

Ed Miliband is set to unleash a radical, Old Labour political agenda


Why David Cameron's 'Northern Alliance' may reshape Europe

He has assembled a group of like-minded Europeans who have a plausible agenda to reshape the EU

Benefits Street

Benefits Street exposes Britain's dirty secret - how welfare imprisons the poor

A documentary has finally exposed what life is like at the bottom. So why is the left so angry?


David Cameron on tax, coalition, ‘green crap’ and Team Nigella

He’d like to present you with single-party government and lower tax rates, among other things


Boozy, druggy adults. Sober, serious kids. Welcome to Ab Fab Britain

The drinkers and smokers of Britain have raised a generation of puritans. How did this happen?

Annabel Astor

Primogeniture Chic

The furniture entrepreneur Annabel Astor — who also happens to be the Prime Minister’s mother-in-law — describes her daughter’s design sense and says why she doesn’t care for ‘Oka Conservatism’

What remains

The joy of 1995 Lagavulin

In a small cupboard at the end of my office sits a bottle of 1995 Lagavulin, distilled in a Pedro…

fraser piece

To transform schools, sack bad teachers and hire great ones. It'll transform education - and the economy

The future of Britain won't be decided in a battlefield. It will be decided in a classroom.

Turkey: Eurovision Song Contest - Grand Final

Why Eurovision needs to be saved from the BBC

It’s not cool to be snobbish about the world’s biggest talent contest – it just makes Britain look ridiculous


Why The Spectator won’t sign the Royal Charter

The Royal Charter gives politicians the power to decide what qualifies as acceptable journalism. They are the wrong people for the job


Budget 2013: How George Osborne ran out of ideas

George Osborne’s only plan is to pray for recovery


The unlikely revolutionary

Michael Gove has done more than any other minister to advance the Conservatives’ radical agenda

Prime Minister David Cameron Meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The coming showdown

Angela Merkel is running out of nice things to say about David Cameron and the Tory rebels who are dictating…