Hywel Williams

A scene from the French Wars of Religion, engraved  by Franz Hogenberg

The Huguenots, by Geoffrey Treasure - review

There could be no backsliding while preparing the next plot, murder or battle in the French Wars of Religion, says Hywel Williams


Ghosts of the Teutonic Knights

Do the trees of East Prussia still whisper in German when the wind blows in from the Baltic and across the featureless plain? The Russian poet Joseph Brodsky thought so when he visited in the 1960s.

Pastures new

On 20 September 1949, five days after his election as Chancellor of the newly created German Federal Republic, Konrad Adenauer addressed the Bundestag: ‘Much unhappiness and much damage’, he told the deputies, ‘has been caused by denazification .


Beowulf: a digital hero from England’s lost culture

The 3-D blockbuster will redefine what it is to be English


Democracy can’t compete with the history of kings

An archaeological site reveals the resilience of monarchy

The Tories will need more national fear to win

Only national insecurity will swing it for the Conservatives


Please can we have our Enlightenment back?

Hywel Williams says the faddish atheism of Hitchens and Dawkins is a subplot of the war on terror that misrepresents the true spiritual context of the 18th-century Enlightenment

A Tory–Plaid Cymru pact?

Liam Byrne says the English must be less apathetic about  the United Kingdom, and about the threat of Scottish independence that looms in next week’s elections