James Allan

Turnbull vs evolution

Conservative antipathy to Malcolm Turnbull isn’t an economic question, it’s an evolutionary one

I come to praise Tony, not to bury him

Despite the flaws, Tony Abbott was a proper conservative

Raving right-wingery?

Run through the Abbott government’s charge sheet and there’s not much evidence of the ‘rabid’ right

It’s the swill, stupid

The Australian parliamentary system is blocking much-needed

Wrong diagnosis, again

Raising the GST will make the problem worse, not better

Steyin’ alive

What are the odds that one of the world’s best political commentators happens to be an expert on the songs…

Mission impossible

The plan to recognise Indigenous Australians within the Constitution will self destruct after this message...

Big Easy notes

I’m hoping that at least a few readers will be happy to hear that I survived my first ever trip…

Closing young minds

The ‘Lomborg affair’ shows the intellectual bankruptcy of contemporary Australian academia

May day! May day!

Tony Abbott will be in trouble if he doesn’t heed the lessons of two imminent elections where Conservatives are floundering


GSTea Party

The current system of financing the states should be thrown overboard

Hounds or poodles?

On the ongoing Speccie debate - when should conservative commentators attack Abbott (if at all?)

Even the states dislike federalism

There can be only one explanation why the Victorian government would ask Canberra to help it out – cowardice

Let him who is without sin…

Now is not the time to begin fiddling with our workplace relations

The Y.U.U.Y. disease

Mr Abbott’s problem is that he’s got ‘yielding’ and ‘unyielding the wrong way around

Censorship guide

Here is a wee little guide for all of you people who work for the ABC, or Get-Up!, or the…

Jarryd Hayne, meet Adam Smith

Of all the sports on earth, one was clearly designed by a free marketeer

Demonstrators wave posters reading ‘Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie)’, during the Unity rally Marche Republicaine in Paris in tribute to the 17 victims of the Charlie Hebdo killing spreeby three Islamist terrorists.

Responding to murderous bullies

The media can defeat the Islamists’ terrorising threat tofree speech by themselves

Wicked versus Stupid

Where one side of politics revels in sanctimonious moralising, the other ignores it altogether

The Silence of the Barnes

Many on the right believe the rest of us on the right should refrain from criticising the Abbott government. They’re wrong.

Freedom’s just another word

Tony Abbott claims freedom-of-expression is hard-wired into the Coalition’s DNA. But is it?

Cheques and balances

The Palmer/Greens/Labor Senate inquiry into the Queensland state government is a disgrace

A funny thing happened on the way to the Senate

The Upper House in our federal parliament has become a maverick - much like those who sit in it

Gillard Defeats Rudd In Leadership Battle

Tony Abbott – the new David Cameron?

In ditching reforms to 18C, Tony Abbott has pandered to the Left whilst alienating the Right