Jason Goodwin

Detail of Sodoma’s ‘Life of St Benedict’ (1505), showing an unusual example of badgers as pets

A badger eats, squats, thieves. But should we cull them?

Lord Arran was responsible for the bill to legalise homosexuality and a bill to protect badgers from gassing and terrier-baiting.…


Spirit of the wild water

I was sheltering in the dunes on a Hebridean beach, reading this book, when I happened to glance up and…


Saviours of the sea

The last time we went out for lobster in Lyme Bay we found a dogfish in the creel.  A type…

Sting in the tale

Bees are news. The advent of a sinister condition dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder has concentrated many minds on the future of the honey bee, not least in the US where the disorder is prevalent and pollination by bees accounts for billions of dollars’ worth of agricultural produce.


No man’s land

The shores of the eastern Mediterranean, from the eastern Aegean to the delta of the Nile, constitute a region known as the Levant, from the French for the sunrise.


In and out of favour in Iraq

Nowadays the TV cameras make Baghdad look like a suburban car park, and for Tamara Chalabi, raised in England and Beirut on memories of pre-Saddam Iraq, the first encounter in 2003 was dismal.


At Home in Turkey

At Home in Turkey, by Solvi dos Santos and Berrin Torolsan

In the footsteps of Herodotus

The Man who Invented History, by Justin Marozzi

A long and happy life

Jason Goowin reviews the memoirs of John Julius Norwich