Joe Rollo

Phoenix rising: the new tower on Flinders Street

A knife blade on the skyline

Downtown Melbourne embraces skinny buildings more than three decades since they littered Manhattan

On top of the Victorian desalination plant, the largest ‘green roof’ in the southern hemisphere

What drought?

Victoria’s desalination plant is a reminder of the perils of making public policy in a panic

Towering ambition: the MLC Centre, which won Seidler the RAIA Civic Design Award in 1981

Harry Seidler’s umbrella

Everyone has a Seidler story. Here’s mine

Quay figure: Sam Marshall has left his mark on Sydney Harbour

Playing to the gallery

The Museum of Contemporary Art’s extension is very competent – but it could have been so much better

Purity of line: the interior of Sean Godsell’s Design Hub

Happening discs

What do you tell people from out of town with a day to spare in Melbourne who ask you to…