Mark Palmer

Mario Balotelli (Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty)

I've loved football for decades. Now I dread the start of the season

I’ve spent years defending football from middle-class disdain. But I can’t do it any more


Letter from Cuba: The tourists are coming – but don’t expect Walmart just yet

Sloppy Joe’s — which starred in the film of Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana — was always likely to…

Churchill returns to Harrow, his alma mater, in 1960

Why you (maybe) shouldn't skip that reunion

Going to an old boys’ gathering can be great fun and really rather cheering, says Mark Palmer


Discover the blissful peace of Laos

Mark Palmer enjoys the blissful serenity of Luang Prabang


Great masters

It only takes one excellent teacher to transform someone’s entire school career, says Mark Palmer

Michael Owen

Why I'm proud to have an England flag on my Audi

Let’s drop the cynicism and support Roy Hodgson’s England team

View of Antibes

My mother's passport to the Antibes good life

My mother always said she wanted to ‘die tidy’. But I never imagined she would file everything away quite so…


Warning: upspeak can wreck your career

Upspeak can damage your career prospects


Friends made at prep school - and kept for life - are worth paying for

Mark Palmer on the friends he made at prep school – and kept for life

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In defence of having no opinion

‘Where do you stand on Syria?’ asked my stepson. Tricky one. Clearly, the Assad regime is loathsome and the West…

Rocamadour, in the Dordogne valley

Notes on…The Charm of the Dordogne

It’s only 150 years since a toff was roasted in the remote Dordogne village of Hautefaye. The poor soul was…

The old ways: family skiing in Switzerland, 1961

Downhill for generations

Mark Palmer finds a family legacy on the slopes


Holidays from hell

On the horrors of lazy travel writing


The pecking order

My children have finally left home – but their pet parrot still controls my life


A social pariah in the shires

The business of gaining acceptance into an old English village is almost impossible, says Mark Palmer, who reckons he and his wife may already have blown it

Rock the kasbah

Mark Palmer discovers the lap of luxury in the Atlas mountains

Licence to thrill

Mark Palmer regrets that the Aston Martin impresses only men


Heel thyself

Bespoke shoes

Piste off

Mark Palmer says that St Anton is a great resort even without snow

A very secret Santa

Mark Palmer does his Christmas shopping at the Travelling Souk

‘We don’t do burglary’

Mark Palmer told the police who had stolen his Vespa and where they had taken it. He was greeted with complete apathy