Max Hastings

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Max Hastings’s diary: How sporting tourists play into Nicola Sturgeon’s hands

During our annual odyssey around the Scottish Highlands, I read Tears of the Rajas, Ferdinand Mount’s eloquent indictment of imperial…

Labour Wanted

Despair after VE day… the men left behind by victory

The ex-officers left behind after VE day

Former head of MI6 Sir John Scarlett stands in front of a painting of Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming, the first chief of the Secret Intelligence Service. Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Max Hastings’s diary: The joys of middle age, and Prince Charles’s strange letters

I am living in rustic seclusion while writing a book. Our only cultural outing of the week was to Newbury…

Rowan Atkinson

Max Hastings’ diary: I love the British Army (but not the Blackadder version of it)

The looming centenary of the outbreak of the first world war offers an opportunity to break away from the Blackadder/Oh!…


Reykjavik notebook

Anybody hunting for Britain’s lost summer need look no further than Iceland. I spent last week there salmon-fishing, in torrid…

Never trust an editor

Prime ministers and journalists cannot be mates


Max Hastings opens his Diary


The guns of August

There is no greater joy than watching a covey of grouse burst over the horizon, says Max Hastings, as he prepares to enjoy another glorious season


How much defence can we afford?

Max Hastings says that the stakes are high for Liam Fox’s strategic defence review: but we must maintain our current troop numbers and cut in other areas to pay for them


The Tory defence policy will be simple: cut, brutally

The British military has been horribly overstretched by the wars of the Labour years, says Max Hastings. But the Tories’ only option will be to cut further still. Hideous decisions lie ahead


I am already past a sensible age to edit a big newspaper


The services now lack a political or media constituency

Phoney war

Max Hastings says it’s about time our leaders stopped playing political games and accepted that ‘international terror’ cannot be defeated by conventional military means

We want to see the back of Bush

Most Britons see George W. Bush as brash, ignorant and recklessly simplistic, says Max Hastings; but they should not believe that all will be well if John F. Kerry replaces him


D-Day, cigars and make-up: The BBC at its best


God save us from chairmen of the BBC who watch television

How to lose the battle for Britain

Never in the field of human conflict has so much money been wasted by so many on so little, says Max Hastings

Britain is furious with America

As Iraq seems to be turning into a quagmire, Max Hastings reveals that proposals made by the British government and military have been repeatedly ignored by the Bush administration


An evening of virulent anti-American propaganda at Covent Garden, or rather a terrific Madame Butterfly, brilliantly lit as well as…

Don’t drop the pilot

Middle-class voters are wrong to hope that Tony Blair becomes a casualty of war, says Max Hastings


The former editor of the Telegraph bemoans the poverty of the soundbite culture