Merryn Somerset Webb

Is hyperinflation overhyped?

A regular look at cult finance books. This issue: When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson


Golden Rules

Is it too late to buy into the gold boom? Not if you know what you’re doing

Scotland Prepares For Independence Vote

What it means for your savings if Scotland votes yes

The economic consequences if Scotland votes for independence


They made me sit an exam on giving financial advice. And I'm glad

Has the introduction of standard qualifications made financial advisers more reliable – or produced ‘a better class of crook’?


How to make money from the Scottish referendum

An investor’s guide to the Scottish referendum

Money Lending Firm Wonga Report Profits Of Over £1m Per Week

If only more banks were more like Wonga

There’s an unlikely new role model for sellers of savings products


George Osborne's property bubble will lead to disaster

The Chancellor is pouring billions into sub-prime debt. What could possibly go wrong?

A Tokyo sunrise, circa 1870, by Hiroshige

Investment special: How Shinzo Abe has revived Japan

Japan’s new leader is the catalyst for a resurgent stock market


Reform at last

New rules should ensure better advice for investors

An Island of One’s own

Now is the ideal time to snap one up, says our modern-day Robinson Crusoe

Capital Gains

There’s still money to be made in London property


Investment Special: Searching for income

Despite low rates and QE, decent returns are still to be had


INVESTMENT SPECIAL: The kids can wait

Save for yourself before you save for your children


Any other business

The shocks won’t end with the summer


INVESTMENT SPECIAL: Sell the East, buy the West

The end is nigh for the Asian boom – but parts of Europe look perky

My crystal ball sees disappointment ahead

Merryn Somerset Webb doubts that markets will go on rising — and advises us how not to get poorer in 2010

Private education

School fees: a luxury you can’t afford

The City’s fascination with farming

Farming is a great investment, just not in this country

The price of sex in the City

Morgan Stanley has just hosted its first ‘early access’ event for young women: 75 girls from 15 top schools were taken on a tour of the trading floor (I bet there weren’t many traders off sick that day)

Women and money make a perfect match

Merryn Somerset Webb wonders why the investment world is a sea of men in suits, when women are naturally so much better at the job

Sell Madrid, buy Berlin

They see the choice not as between investing in Spain or in Switzerland but between, say, pharmaceuticals and retail.

Not so dark continent

Nigeria’s more than what you think it is.

Money really can grow on trees

Money really can grow on trees