Michael Henderson

British Open winner, Rory Mcllroy Photo: AFP/Getty

Alastair Cook is world class. Steven Gerrard isn’t

This time last year, England’s cricketers were 2-0 up against Australia, two thirds of the way towards their third consecutive…

A literary city: Prague

The glorious bohemia of Prague

Prague, ‘Golden Prague’, is rich in music, architecture, glassware, pilsner and natural beauty. It is one of those places where…


Why Ken Loach hasn’t made a decent film since Kes

He hasn’t made anything worth watching since Kes

New man at Glyndebourne: Robin Ticciati

Robin Ticciati interview: ‘Glyndebourne is a festival where the established and the fresh exist together’

Michael Henderson talks to Glyndebourne’s fresh-faced new music director, Robin Ticciati


Notes on... Venice

For Henry James it was ‘the repository of consolations’. Wordsworth, an earlier visitor, called it ‘the eldest child of liberty’.…

Stuart Skelton in the acclaimed ENO production of ‘Peter Grimes’

What now for ENO?

Michael Henderson wonders what direction English National Opera will now take

The British Academy Film Awards - Heads On Sticks

And the prize for most fatuous awards ceremony goes to...

Awards ceremonies grow ever sillier and more self-important


Goodbye, Claudio Abbado. You helped us glimpse eternity

Fellini’s credo ‘the visionary is the only true realist’ could also be applied to the life of Claudio Abbado, who…

New Year’s Day at the Musikverein

Music in Vienna

There is no finer city in which to hear music than Vienna. Or, to put it more felicitously, there is…

‘The Nativity’, 1470–1485, by Piero della Francesca

The splendour of the English carol

Michael Henderson on the splendour of carols


Don't flog a dead parrot - leave Monty Python in the past

Monty Python was funny once. But a revival is a dreadful idea


Berlin: The best bar in the world

‘You were at the Fish, I hear,’ a Berlin friend told me. ‘I didn’t know you were an old hippie.’…

Festival di Sanremo 2013 - Closing Night

'I was an arrogant 18-year-old': Daniel Harding on growing up

Michael Henderson talks to the youthful conductor Daniel Harding, who realises that the older he gets the more he has to learn


The Morrissey myth

The sad end of the Morrissey myth


Blitz Requiem première in St Paul’s

Of all folk memories the Blitz remains one of the most enduring. In the autumn of 1940 the Luftwaffe strafed…

England v Australia: 1st Investec Ashes Test - Day Five

Has Test Match Special lost its wits?

Test Match Special is the sound of the English summer. Why are we letting it be vulgarised?


Interview with the musician Paul Lewis

Michael Henderson meets the musician Paul Lewis


The Hagen Quartet: Bracing Beethoven

Established 32 years ago in Salzburg, the Hagen Quartet can fairly be described as venerable. It may be said equally…

Parsifal at Salzburg Easter Festival

To hear Christian Thielemann conduct the Dresden Staatskapelle in Wagner’s ‘stage consecration play’, in Salzburg at Easter, proved a musical…

Short cut to stardom: Tom Courtenay in 1961

Tom Courtenay vs fame

The acclaimed actor on Hull, Hollywood, regrets, and accepting a knighthood

Stephen Layton (extreme left) and the choir of Trinity College Cambridge

Chorus of approval

Is there anything more essential to one’s well-being than the sound of an English choir at evensong? Is there, for…

Bryan Ferry performing at the Royal Albert Hall, 1972

In praise of Bryan Ferry

Not all youthful obsessions age well. This one has

Switzerland's Roger Federer celebrates w

What Federer isn’t

There is no such thing as a sporting genius


Notes from Salzburg

Gratefully we cast our bread upon the blue-green waters of the Salzach to give thanks to this festival city. Across…

Cricket fans reach out to touch West Ind

Whispering death

What happened to Britain’s West Indian cricket fans?