Nick Bryant

Prime Minister Tony Abbott To Reduce Threshold For Paid Parental Leave Benefit

The fall and rise of Anglo-Australia

A heraldic honours system feels more like this nation in the 19th century, not the Asian century


I leave a sunburnt country

After six years, the BBC’s Australia correspondent bids farewell to ‘the Antipodes’

Bella vista: the view from the Seidler House

Buried treasure

Too few Australians get to enjoy the greatest works of homegrown architects

A Pom’s Notebook

I confess to feeling a special thrill when, at the unveiling of the Australian squad for the Ashes, I discover…

The ball and the man

On Warne By Gideon Haigh Penguin, $35, pp 224 ISBN 9780670076604 Which side would hoist that fragile terracotta urn were…

Michael Clarke: an appreciation

As Ponting bows out, Australia have a worthy successor

Diary Australia

Never before have I watched a US election unfold from this corner of the planet, but what a vantage point…

Wounded Wallabies

Australian rugby is in recession


Could it be that after a ten-year hiatus Sydney is rediscovering its mojo? Definitely there is a charge in the…

The power of the word

As Bob Carr’s press popularity shows, journalists will always love a politician who can write

Will UK Labour borrow the ALP’s bloody knife?

Ed Miliband is fighting for time to prove himself

Squaring the oval

Modernisation is costing our cricket grounds their charm


Resplendent in canary yellow and looking as if she is just about to set off for a Melbourne Cup lunch,…

A bad case of World Cup envy

What lurks behind Mark Latham’s dissatisfaction with rugby union?

The blessed union bears fruit

In rugby’s rejuvenated form, there is no better footballing spectacle

It’s political, not personal

Australia’s politicians might be pretty clean, but even local commentators can see the limitations of their worldview

A thorough examination of the body politic

The language of Australian politics is a lesson in anatomy

Foreign Notes

What with the floods, fires, cyclone and earthquake, London had started calling me the BBC’s pestilence correspondent.

The blessed union bears fruit

This is the year that rugby league will be relegated to second place

Howard continues to reign

The former PM’s voice is rarely heard because his unspoken influence on the political landscape is so powerful, says Nick Bryant

The (new) Australian ugliness

Our politics is increasingly tribal, argues Nick Bryant — no wonder leaders are devoured by the pack

Australia, you’ve got global interest

It’s surprisingly hard persuading Canberra’s leading political figures to talk to the international media, says Nick Bryant

Broken Hill v. Notting Hill

Whereas Tony Abbott doles out the ideological red meat to his conservative base, David Cameron flirts with the metropolitan sophisticates, says Nick Bryant