Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen is a columnist for the Observer and author of What's Left and You Can't Read This Book.


Why I’ve finally given up on the left

I cannot be part of a movement run by half-educated fanatics

Women only: The Gift of Fire

Why is a festival of Israeli film fighting for censorship in London?

The attempt to ban Jewish men from seeing ‘The Gift of Fire’ sets a very dangerous precedent

BA Cabin Crew Staff Meet To Discuss The Recent Strike Action Ballot

Why is Len McCluskey paying Carter-Ruck to threaten me?

Unite’s leader splashes out on legal threats because he knows his cause is in trouble

The Spears 500

Posh, educated and energetic: meet the servants of the super-rich

There is a huge industry catering to London’s foreign plutocracy

Special Representative of the Secretary-

Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia. What happens now concerns us all

Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia. What happens now concerns us all

Muslims Celebrate The Festival Of Eid In London

Tell Mama and the battle for the future of British Islam

Is there a future for a moderate activist group fighting anti-Muslim prejudice?


If ‘incorrect’ English is what’s widely understood, how can it be wrong?

In a cheeringly Dickensian fashion, the names of our supposed experts on grammar imply they want to bind writers (Lynne…


How liberal Britain is betraying ex-Muslims

These people are risking their lives for the freedom not to believe – and liberal Britain is betraying them

Prince Of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Mexico - Day 3

As a republican, I used to look forward to Charles III. Now I’m scared

The Prince of Wales has shown himself too vain to accept the limits of constitutional monarchy

UK Braced For Further Storms As Rain And Snow Bring More Flood Misery

How long will it be before the climate forces us to change?

As the climate changes, will we? The story of the little ice age suggests that adaptation will take years of suffering


Our suicidal newspapers are throwing press freedom away

Civil war within the British press threatens a free society

British Treasury Secretary Danny Alexand

How an Oxford degree – PPE – created a robotic governing class

Britain is now run by Oxford PPE graduates. The consequences have been disastrous

Celebrity Sighting At Monte Carlo Grand Prix - May 27, 2012

Now that everyone’s a journalist, anyone can be sued

When everyone’s a potential journalist, it’s time to tame libel costs

The Trip to Italy Screening - Sundance London Film And Music Festival 2014

Since when has Steve Coogan stood against censorship?

Why is Index on Censorship cosying up to the tribune of Hacked Off?

Maajid Nawaz, Mehdi Hasan and Mo Ansar on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman.

The curious case of Mo Ansar

How was it that Mo Ansar, a bank employee in Hampshire, became the voice of British Islam?

Tracey Emin's work (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

Why can't we admit we're scared of Islamism?

Like other branches of the liberal establishment, the art world is all for challenging religion – unless it’s Islam


They used to catch crooks - now they trawl Twitter. Are our police turning into spies?

Crime is falling, but the police are as busy as ever – undermining our freedoms

Artist Jan Fabre Honoured in University of Antwerp

Richard Dawkins attacks Muslim bigots, not just Christian ones. If only his enemies were as brave

It’s August, and you are a journalist stuck in the office without an idea in your head. What to write?…


How social media helps authoritarians

Rumour-mongering and censorship in the age of Twitter

Leveson: Don’t let the state frighten you

  If David Cameron had any sense, he would stand up in the Commons and say “I am withdrawing the…


Christopher Hitchens’s lefty publisher begged from him – and then betrayed him

Why is Christopher Hitchens’s old publisher turning on him?


'Murdoch betrays everyone in the end'

When journalists can’t protect their sources, everyone’s worse off

Export-only justice

Export-only justice

When Britain’s top lawyers are focused on the world’s most lucrative disputes, can our courts still serve the public interest at home?


Whose freedom? Whose press?

Everyone is a journalist now – which makes licensing of newspapers an obsolete idea


Nowhere to hide

The proposed communications data bill would give the government extraordinary powers to spy on us all