Owen Matthews


Can Putin ban homosexuality and endorse polygamy? Yes he can

The Kremlin is tying itself in ideological knots as it tries to make new friends in the Muslim world


Panic, profiteering and a mysterious girl in a Mini: notes from Moscow

 Moscow Here we go again. The rouble slides, then tumbles, and slides again. For those of us who remember the…


Letter from Donetsk: peace, with missile attacks

For what is technically peacetime, there’s a lot of shelling going on round here. Donetsk airport is still held by…


Meet Vladimir Putin's real challengers (they're even worse than he is)

Cuddly liberals aren’t going to displace Putin: his real challengers are ultra-nationalists like Igor Strelkov


Vladimir Putin’s empire of lies

Putin’s answer to the destruction of Flight MH17 has been more propaganda. In Russia, at least, it seems to be working

Russian President Vladimir Putin Celebrates Labor Day

No, Putin didn’t plot to invade Ukraine. But now he might have to

Further Russian military intervention would be a disaster. But Putin might have to do it anyway

A demonstration in Istanbul against the ban on Twitter, 22 March 2014

How did revolution become Istanbul's new normal?

On a recent weekend I was thinking of taking my sons to downtown Istanbul to do some bazaar browsing. ‘Bad…


Let Putin have Crimea – and it will destroy him

Losing Crimea will be the making of Ukraine. And gaining it might well destroy the Russian president


Vladimir Putin's new plan for world domination

Russia is returning as an ideological force in the world – to champion conservative values


Putin’s own Cold War

Russia is ever more hostile to the US. But the US no longer needs to care


China: the Middle East’s new power broker

Could China be the key to peace between Israel and Iran?

Newsweek Announces It's Going Digital Only, Will End Print Edition

Who killed Newsweek?

Tina Brown can’t just blame the internet


Istanbul: Going Deeper

Owen Matthews takes you beyond the tourist trail


Set art free

Let’s not waste more millions ‘saving’ Old Masters


A crackdown on kleptocrats

The law is catching up with Russia’s corrupt oligarchs


There’s something rotten in the state of Russia

President Dimitry Medvedev was supposed to clean up his country but, says Owen Matthews, feudalism, lawlessness and corruption suit all those keen to hold onto money and power

Russia’s ignorant still hate Solzhenitsyn

Owen Matthews says that the great literary prophet has been attacked on the internet by Russians who associate him with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The truth still hurts

The mystery of Moscow’s empty supermarket shelves

Owen Matthews offers a parable of consumer attitudes in the new Russia and explains why it’s almost impossible to buy a bottle of wine there these days

The price of protection in a lawless land

Owen Matthews unravels a village property dispute which highlights the corruption and nastiness of business practices in today’s Russia


All journalists in Baghdad are now fair game

Ankara should be wary of Brussels

Turkish membership of the EU will be good for Europe, says Owen Matthews, but bad for Turkey

Bagged by the USA

Owen Matthews goes on patrol with American soldiers in Afghanistan’s ‘Indian Country’ and sees them capture and interrogate suspects

Something fishy for Haddock

Owen Matthews on the enigmatic results of the hunt for weapons of mass destruction. Have they all been looted?

‘The minarets are our bayonets’

Owen Matthews meets Turkey's Islamist election victor, who may yet prove to be a good thing