Pavel Stroilov

Helmut Kohl

Revealed: the Kremlin files which prove that Nato never betrayed Russia

Claims by Putin and Gorbachev about the post-Soviet settlement are contradicted by their country’s own secret records


Exclusive: the Kremlin's secret Margaret Thatcher files

Soviet files reveal Margaret Thatcher to have been tougher with Gorbachev behind closed doors

Moscow’s jihadi

The Russian secret service and the new al-Qa’eda commander


The Gorbachev files

An 80th-birthday selection from the secret archives of the last Soviet leader

Kinnock and the Kremlin

In the second part of our investigation into Labour’s dealings with the USSR, Pavel Stroilov reveals the secret Soviet diplomacy behind one leader’s most famous victory

Reaching through the Iron Curtain

In the pages of the Kremlin’s secret diary, Pavel Stroilov discovers what Labour’s Soviet sympathisers said when they thought no one was listening