Peter Jay

National Service, by Colin Shindler

For over 15 years after the second world war young men between the ages of 18 and 20 were conscripted…

… while others fade

For Watergate junkies, another raking of the old coals is irresistible. For those underage younger persons who never understood what…

The Price of Civilization by Jeffrey Sachs

Half a century ago J.K. Galbraith’s The Affluent Society changed the political consciousness of a generation in the English- speaking…

George, you need a holiday

How printing money and an income-tax cut could help Osborne balance the books


Athene ruled the waves

One thing is certain: George W. Bush was no Pericles.

From heroes to hicks

The flavour of Stephen Graubard’s account of the American presidency in the 20th century may be quickly grasped from his…