Roger Scruton

The Corbynist manifesto

For Jeremy Corbyn and his followers, it is as if the Berlin Wall never fell


Why MPs have a duty to resist online petitions

It is the duty of MPs to resist Twitter storms and online petitions

Ray Honeyford Headmaster At Drummond Middle School In Bradford. Pictured With Asian Pupils. (received In Library 24/10/1984)

Let's face it – Ray Honeyford got it right on Islam and education

The Bradford head teacher was dismissed for emphasising nationality over religion. He should have been applauded

The Prime Minister And Education Secretary Open A Free School In Birmingham

Stand up for the real meaning of freedom

We need conservatism now more than ever


Roger Scruton’s diary: Finding Scrutopia in the Czech Republic

Hay-making was easy this year, and over in good time for a holiday. I am opposed to holidays, having worked…


Celebrity fun vs scared joy

Our celebrity culture grows from a twisted idea of the good life


Prayers in stone

The meaning of an English church


Brain drain

Neuroscience wants to be the answer to everything. It isn’t

The green and the blue

To succeed, conservation must once again become conservative


We need the English music that the Arts Council hates

Roger Scruton hails the glorious achievements of the English composers, and their role in idealising the gentleness of the English arcadia — so loathed by our liberal elite

An unhappy birthday to Sigmund the Fraud

Roger Scruton says that the century and a half since Freud’s birth has been marred by his imagined diseases of the mind

Hail Quinlan Terry

Roger Scruton pays homage to the scourge of modernism, a lonely warrior who defends the classical tradition in building

Dawkins is wrong about God

TV’s Richard Dawkins believes that faith is an infectious disease which spreads intolerance and conflict. In fact, says Roger Scruton, it is our principal source of love and peace

Your countryside needs you

Roger Scruton says that it’s time for rural residents to protect the land they love by clubbing together and buying it

The sound of silence

Roger Scruton describes a left-wing smear campaign that has persuaded the Anglican authorities to cancel a tour this autumn by the German conductor Volker Hartung

The power of negative thinking

Roger Scruton says that France has never recovered from Jean-Paul Sartre’s horror of the bourgeoisie and his repudiation of both Christianity and the idea of France

INVESTIGATION: Shameless and loveless

Roger Scruton launches a new Spectator series with an investigation into the consequencs of the sexual revolution

Know your place

There can be no true society — and no social mobility — without hierarchy, says Roger Scruton

The state can’t set you free

Roger Scruton on how the Human Rights Act threatens the ancient liberties of the British people

The truth about meaning

Roger Scruton on the importance of Donald Davidson, the analytical philosopher who died on 30 August