Rowan Dean


Shorten comes clean

The Labor leader clears his name

Sicilian Diary

Most of my dealings with the mafia — to the best of my knowledge — have been pleasant ones. Visiting…

PM Rudd Holds First Media Conference Since Regaining Leadership

How Kevin Rudd nearly destroyed Labor

With the release of the ALP’s 2013 election review, it’s safe for the nation’s educators to set the record straight

Dinner party anti-Semitism

Even otherwise intelligent and normal people will often reveal their hatred over a few glasses of wine

Post-Budget Question Time In Canberra

Europe needs a Tony Abbott

What Australia can learn from the EU, and vice-versa

Australian Federal Budget Delivered In Canberra

A PR guide to selling a budget

The problem with the government’s fiscal agenda isn’t that it’s too mean; it’s that it remains too confusing

No laughing matter: Andrew Neil, Joe Hockey and Tom Switzer on the PPL

An extravagant entitlement

Abbott’s Paid Parental Leave? A self-inflicted disaster

Climate change, the movie

The latest IPCC trilogy has taken lessons from Hollywood


I’ve recently rediscovered the lost, forbidden pleasure of the smoko. My earliest memories of enjoying a smoko were back at…


Under the house with Hergé

Could my signed copy of a famous adventure comic book be worth a king’s ransom?

2014 Australian Of The Year Announced In Canberra

Black armband

The first ever footy-playing Australian of the Year is ashamed to be an Australian


Satirising anti-Semitism

Are some subjects too absurd to be made fun of?


An Aussie wolf on Wall Street

The new movie resonates with Eighties London adland, albeit in a less cartoonish fashion

Rolf Harris faces new allegations

Rolf and Operation Gumtree

The UK’s favourite Australian: guilty or not guilty?


‘A bunch of Y-front wearing pansies’ is how one of my conservative friends describes the Abbott government. It’s an interesting…


Speccie scoop: Snowden files in full

Stolen intelligence files reveal a bewildering history of clandestine Australian high-tech surveillance operations

Notes from a Media tart

One of the drawbacks of writing for a magazine as esteemed as the Spectator Australia is that you are assumed…


End of McTernanism

The upshot from the Gonski drama is that Tony Abbott has killed his own inner spin doctor


Confessions of a climate denier

A mini-tornado hits north Sydney: what on earth can it mean?

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Another clue for you all

Paul McCartney has released a new album. But it is any good?

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Fire, fire!

There ain’t much Australia can do to stop global warming

Australia Labor Leadership

Forget ‘Alborten’

History shows that the opposition leaders who immediately follow their party’s loss of government are doomed

Australia Labor Ladership

How was it for you?

Losing power can be felt in many ways

Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigns

Where to now for Labor?

Tony Abbott’s unusual agenda threatens its future

Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigns

The cult of Labor

Whereas the Libs allow diversity of opinion, the ALP acts like a peculiar, monistic outfit