Terry Barnes

Tony’s Shy Tories

Malcolm Turnbull is fooling himself if he doesn’t recognise the silent support for Tony Abbott


Can Turnbull win over Tony’s tradies?

Where Tony Abbott understood the tradie heartland, Malcolm Turnbull may appear aloof and out-of-touch

The Mornington after Budget night

Tony Abbott’s change of budgetary and political tack has re-invigorated his loyal supporters


Right wing hunting pack

Was it really all that wise for the conservative commentariat to hound Tony Abbott?

No Aussie knighthood for Winston

It was Churchill’s stuff-ups, rather than his successes, that made Australians who we are today

Darkness descends on Patterson Lakes

Tony Abbott must heed the lessons of the Liberal loss in Victoria

Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right

Those who critisise the Coalition from the Right for lacking ideological purity do Tony Abbott a disservice

John Key Elected 39th Prime Minister Of New Zealand

But would you have a beer with them?

Forget KPI’s and opinion polls - the only measure of a pollie is their Beer-factor


It’s time to stop funding ‘elite’ sports

Australia’s performance at the Commonwealth Games has exposed what a waste of taxpayers’ money it all is


Tony the tradie can fix it

How to sell the budget to the ordinary bloke


Here in Patterson Lakes — Melbourne’s Mecca for cashed-up tradies and tattooed ladies — Tony Abbott has an image problem.…

Treasurer Joe Hockey Photo: Firdia Lisnawati/AP/PA Images

End the Age of Entitlement

Stop the reckless and feckless profiting at the expense of the more prudent who subsidise their follies


The Spectator correctly predicted that Australia would regain the Ashes

Australia have regained the Ashes, much to the dismay of the British side. But did the Spectator predict this might happen…

Media regulation begins at home

And free speech stops at the front door

Lights out in Kath & Kim country

The carbon tax stole our Christmas festivities