Theodore Dalrymple

Why the NHS needs less professional management

‘Professionalising’ public-service management is effectively a means of legalising corruption, says Theodore Dalrymple 


How we drive our children mad

If Britain has a crisis in children’s mental health, it’s easy to see why

The cure for hypochondria

For perspective on your anxieties, says Theodore Dalrymple, losing yourself matters more than finding yourself

Can GPs really keep up with the latest medical evidence? I couldn't

Few doctors can penetrate the blizzard of statistics in a typical medical study, writes Theodore Dalrymple

Second opinion: the dangers of opioids

Opioids have killed more than 100,000 people since the year 2000, writes Theodore Dalrymple

This is madness

Britain’s psychiatric services are an utter shambles – and, for once, it’s nothing to do with cuts, writes Theodore Dalrymple


Don't tax sugar - it doesn't make you fat. Gluttony does

Obesity isn’t a matter of addiction. It’s a question of self-control

Theodore Dalrymple

Should we be threatening cocaine addicts with execution?

When Mao Tse-tung threatened to execute them, 20 million opium addicts gave up


The rehabilitation game

How our political class set criminals free and then cover up the consequences

World War Two: 18th December 1940, Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother) signing the visitors book at one of the ambulance stations in the London area

Visiting rites

It’s extraordinary what people now think is appropriate to say in a museum’s comments book


Why borders matter

The muddle and mendacity of the EU elite rests on one fundamental misunderstanding

Coventry blues

A trip to the multicultural Midlands


Diamond Jubilee debate: Has Britain declined under Elizabeth II?

Yes Theodore Dalrymple Is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee a cause for jubilation? Certainly her reign has been a personal triumph:…

Rough treatment

Assaults on hospital staff are a telling symptom of our national condition

A case in point

Travails with a wheelie bag in Peterborough

It’s fun to smash things

And in Britain, there is little civilisation left to stop you

Young Turks

Put in an international perspective, British youth looks even nastier


Scarborough unfair

This fine spa town is now materially and spiritually impoverished


The Disneyfication of death

Why are children’s graves now littered with toys?

Common people

Vulgarity is now the ruling characteristic of England


Prison may not work for them, but it works for us

Crooks who are in prison are not burgling your house, says Theodore Dalrymple. They themselves understand that perfectly clearly: it is only sentimental mugs who don’t

Global Warning

We should always try to see ourselves as others see us, but not when the others are French.

Global Warning

Theodore Dalrymple delivers a Global Warning

The unselfish gene

On Kindness, by Adam Phillips and Barbara Taylor

Withdrawal from heroin is a trivial matter

Theodore Dalrymple is outraged by the mollycoddling of drug addicts coming off heroin and the notion that their predicament is a matter of human rights