Tom Switzer

Former Prime Minister John Howard (Photo: Getty)

Salad days

If you enjoy reading Greg Sheridan’s Diaries in this magazine, you’ll love this book. The author, a 30-year veteran journalist…


The many lives of Richard Nixon

Winston Churchill once said of politics that it’s ‘almost as exciting as war and quite as dangerous. In war you…


A lamentable by-product of the media in the digital age is its frequent lack of good manners. Ridiculing opponents rather…


Two cheers for Bowen

Since I know Speccie readers like a bit of a shock, let me oblige: I think Chris Bowen is a…

A foreign policy realist

‘The United States does not want either side to win this war. Victory for either side would mean dreadful massacres…


Conservative landslide in Australia: Tony Abbott will crush Kevin Rudd

Sometimes only a cliché will do, especially when the subject is the Australian Labor party. Labor is holed beneath the…

An all-too-familar ritual: Pakistanis protest against US drone attacks on the northwestern tribal belt, January 2013

Foreign Policy Begins at Home, by Richard N. Haass - review

A year or so after the ‘liberation’ of Iraq, an unnamed senior Bush administration official (later revealed to be Karl…

Washington, D.C. Five years. If a week, as Harold Wilson once observed, is a long time in politics, five years is…


Washington, D.C. ‘There’s a tremendous amount on the line [in Iraq]. If this goes wrong, of course, [neoconservatives] will be,…

A slow-motion car crash

Labor has reached the end of the road

Diary Australia – 11 August

Mates tell me I am foolishly resistant to social media. In having nothing to do with Twitter, they say, I…

Australian Books: House style

Bringing Down The House By Barry Cohen Connor Court, $29.95, pp 260 ISBN 9781921421938 If you enjoy reading the Cut…

I ain’t marching anymore

Forget the US – it’s time to get out of Afghanistan

The great denier

Australia loses a leading conservative culture warrior in Nick Minchin

A Shakespearean tragedy in Canberra

When it comes to bloody leadership knifings, Australia is the world beater

Turn up the radio

So-called shock jocks merely articulate the thoughts of Middle Australia

A question of degree

What a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago, carbonistas beavered away in Copenhagen to forge a global treaty to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Newspapers published front-page calls for urgent action. Politicians used evangelical language to justify job-destroying policies to save the planet.


Journos get it wrong (again)

Shitstorm: Inside Labor’s Darkest Days
by Lenore Taylor & David Uren
MUP, $34.99
pp. 276, ISBN 9780522857290

Cameron should have learned from Turnbull

A centre-right leader won’t win power by turning his back on conservative principles, argues Tom Switzer

Our Ted Heath

For more than a decade, Malcolm Fraser has won plaudits from everyone: everyone except those who respect John Howard, that is, which is to say a clear majority of Australians.

Our Nixonian PM

Kevin Rudd is a man of many masks, says Tom Switzer. Who can say they have seen his real face?

Unlikely bedfellows

The March of Patriots: The Struggle for Modern Australia, by Paul Kelly
Melbourne University Press, $60, pp. 709,
ISBN 9780522857382

A global miscalculation

Labor has badly misjudged the politics of global warming, says Tom Switzer