From Tom Brown’s School Days, illustrated by Thomas Hughes

A rebellion among Rugby schoolboys proved perfect training for its ringleader in putting down a Jamaican slave-rising in later life

The public schools ought to have gone out of business long ago. The Education Act of 1944, which promised ‘state-aided…


Malala's voice is defiant — but how much can she change Pakistan? 

In 2012 a Taleban gunman, infuriated by Malala Yousafzai’s frequent television appearances insisting that girls had a right to education,…

Fatal impact theory 

As schools are for education, so universities are for higher education. In a civilised society, children should leave school literate,…


Mavericks need not apply

Philip Hensher gives a critical insider’s view of the Creative Writing industry


School days

There it is: Winder, one of the most imposing peaks across all the Howgill Fells.


On our shoulders

Our politics is such a shallow game that any senior British politician who has read a book is apt to be considered cerebral, and if he has read two, feted as an original thinker.

Raymond Carr at 90

Dons don’t usually appear to much advantage in fiction.

Tales out of school

The Old Boys’ Network, by John Rae

In a class of his own

Maurice Bowra: A Life, by Leslie Mitchell


Heroes and villains

The Spice of Life, by John Jolliffe

The true Stoic

Stowe: The History of a Public School, 1923-1989, by Brian Rees