Investors are finally looking beyond the Brics

As acronyms go, it wasn’t quite up there with Abba, named after the four founders of Sweden’s greatest export. For…

EU and UK

Euroscepticism is growing all over Europe

Europhiles have warned us for years of the dangers of Britain leaving the EU. But all the while a different…

Jean-Claude Juncker (Photo: Getty)

It’ll be me vs Jean-Claude Juncker at the Judo World Championships

Gstaad Jeremy Clarke has wiped me out again, for a change. His accounts of the high jinks on board the…


Merkel’s grandstanding on Syrian refugees will lead to many more deaths at sea

By making them more likely to attempt the perilous journey to Europe, the German chancellor is luring would-be migrants to their deaths


Bristol, the European capital of green nannying and bureaucracy

Environmental nannying is wrecking my beloved Bristol

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Sorry, but I can’t join in the China panic (especially not while I’m on a cruise)

 MS Queen Victoria, 38°N 19°E I’ll do my best, but I’ve got to be honest: being surrounded by shining Ionian…

How many asexuals are there?

No sex, please Several friends of the late Sir Edward Heath asserted that he could not be guilty of sexually…

Labour leader candidate Liz Kendall (Photo: Getty)

Charles Moore’s Notes: Why Labour keeps failing to choose a woman leader

Watching the very pleasant Liz Kendall on television this week, I was struck by how extraordinary it is that more…

General Election - National Health Service

To defend the NHS, stop health tourism

Speaking after the Stafford hospital scandal in 2010, the then newly appointed Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, grandly announced plans for…


If you really want to help refugees, look beyond the Mediterranean

It’s lazy and wrong just to focus on the migrants who make it here


The Greece I once knew is now just a myth

I think back to my Greek childhood and longing for the once cosiest and most romantic of cities overwhelms me.…


Alexis Tsipras is just doing what an ancient Athenian would

The EU finds it difficult to understand what drives the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Quite simply, he is a…


Charles Moore’s Notes: Why the Greek No is a great moment for socialism

Even if everything goes wronger still, the Greek No vote is a great victory for the left. Until now, the…

The Holstentor

Grexit's a good start, but can we also kick out France, Spain and Portugal too?

I think it is time to put into effect my plan for the re-shaping of the European Union. A somewhat…

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Greeks just want to keep what they’ve got

We were breakfasting outside on the morning of the Greek referendum. The result could only be guessed at and all…

Migrants warm up beside a campfire on the Macedonian-Greek border (Photo Robert Atanasovski/Getty)

Ali Baba and the 300 hostages: the kidnappers who prey on desperate migrants in Europe’s border badlands

The kidnappers who prey on desperate migrants in Greece’s border badlands

Would the return of the drachma mean a bonanza for banknote printers?

Bank job Should we buy shares in companies which print banknotes in expectation of one getting to print millions of…

How Solon would have solved the Greek crisis

The combination of terror and outrage with which Brussels has greeted Greek Prime Minister Tsipras’s referendum tells us everything we…

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Berlin

Why won't Cameron seize his chance on the EU?

Few European leaders have been luckier than David Cameron. First he was sent Ed Miliband. Now events in Greece may…


'We need a new word for crisis': the view from Athens

Its people face an uncertain and frightening future

Why Hesiod would have gone for Grexit

Why do Greeks want to keep the euro, or remain in the European Union? The combative, creative, competitive, mercantile classical…

Spectator letters: Free trade and Africa’s migrant crisis

Free trade with Africa Sir: Nicholas Farrell suggests that a naval blockade is the only solution to Italy’s immigration crisis…

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Charles Moore’s notes: Grexit isn’t like Brexit (and that’s why it won’t be allowed to happen)

People write about ‘Grexit’ and ‘Brexit’ as if they were the same, but they need not be. Grexit is about…

King Abdullah Of Jordan Visits Berlin

Merkel's crisis is Cameron's opportunity

Merkel’s crisis is David Cameron’s opportunity

Nigel Farage leaves Broadcasting House after an interview on the BBC's Today Programme (Photo: Getty)

Roger Mosey and the questions you don’t ask at the BBC

There was a remarkable scene in one BBC Today programme morning meeting in about 1995, as all the producers gathered…