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Politics: After the cuts, a growth strategy – this is an electoral as well as economic plan

On Monday night, all new Conservative MPs were summoned to a meeting with the chief whip in Portcullis House.

Fair is foul

By the time one has waded to page 22 of Them and Us, through what may most politely be described as a stream of consciousness, assailed by random thoughts and plangent expression larded with clichés, one starts to wonder what the point is in going on.

Left out

New Labour Islington is no more – it is now an area for Tory-voting bankers

Straining for effect

A saint of self-deprecation, Chris Mullin closed the first volume of his diaries A View from the Foothills ‘contemplating oblivion’ after his dismissal from ministerial office.

Was his diary his downfall?

The audiotape of Alan Clark’s Diaries — barely mentioned in this rather Dr Watsonish, sensible shoe of a biography — is well worth hearing.

Modesty in words and work

Attlee’s Great Contemporaries: The Politics of Character, edited by Frank Field