The cult of 'mindfulness'

Separating meditation from faith might not be as harmless as it seems

Pope Benedict XVI (L), meets Britain's C

Jonathan Sacks on religion, politics and the civil war that Islam needs

Former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks on the return of religion to public life and the civil war that Islam needs

Jane Horrocks as the slovenly matriarch still fond of her bullying husband George (‘East is East’ playwright Ayub Khan Din, left)

Is London's West End Jewish enough for David Baddiel’s musical The Infidel?

David Baddiel has turned his movie, The Infidel, into a musical. The set-up is so contrived and clumsy that it…

Spectator letters: St Augustine and Louise Mensch, war votes and flannel

Faith and flexibility Sir: What a contrast in your two articles on religion last week: one liberal atheist parent (Claire…


My boy the radical Muslim

Reckoning with my stepson’s turn to radical Islam

Photo: Mary Turner/Getty

Conservative Anglicans’ emergency plan to escape women bishops

To escape women bishops, Church of England conservatives are preparing a communion of their own

Knee-jerkers vs knee-tremblers

A little joke by Paddy, Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon, turned upon something to be shunned. Conservative ministers, he said, had…

The BNP Hold A Demonstration In Central London

Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?

The headlines give British Muslims good reason to worry

Six rivals for the name Isis

Not in their name The BBC decided to start calling the Islamic terror group Isis by the acronym IS instead.…

28 Days Before The Independence Referendum

The SNP’s 'cybernats' are a modern political scourge – with the zeal of converts

The push for Scottish independence is driven forward by converts’ zeal


Romance isn't a religion. Stop looking for The One and join The Queue

Pity the modern starlet. Be she steaming-hot pop-tart or reality-show show-off, her range of emotional experiences will, thanks mostly to…


The bizarre – and costly – cult of Richard Dawkins

It’s like a church without the good bits. Membership starts from $85 a month

Spectator letters: VAT and sugar, Boris Johnson and cricket, whisky and bagpipes

Sugar added tax Sir: Julia Pickles (Letters, 14 June) suggests a sugar tax to combat the obesity epidemic and discourage…

The Egyptian goddess Isis

The bloody battle for the name Isis

‘This’ll make you laugh,’ said my husband, looking up from the Daily Telegraph. For once he was right. It was…

Spectator letters: Islamophobia, breast-feeding and Bach

Rational fear Sir: An interesting contrast between the articles by Douglas Murray and Innes Bowen on Islamic influence in the…


Churchgoing is good for you (even if you don’t believe in God)

And that’s true whether or not you believe in God

Spectator letters: The trouble with religion, alternatives to HS2, and whisky-drinking dogs

Old cabby’s tale Stephen Rommei’s London cabby story (Diary, 7 June) reminded me of catching a cab one cold night…

Spectator letters: The trouble with religion, alternatives to HS2, and whisky-drinking dogs

A history of persecution Sir: Colin Brown (Letters, 7 June) ignores some good reasons for keeping religion out of society.…

Spectator letters: Ken Loach defended, and the music of Pepys

We need religion Sir: Roger Scruton (‘Sacred hunger’, 31 May) describes a reason, dare I say a ‘purpose’, for religion in…

Spectator letters: How schools fail boys, Jonathan Croall answers Keith Baxter, and why atheists should love the C of E

Why girls do better Sir: Isabel Hardman notes that girls now outperform boys at every level in education (‘The descent…

The Passion of Jesus is performed on Good Friday to crowds in Trafalgar Square

Yes, Britain is a Christian country

I can’t say it was a great surprise to read a letter from a group of well-known authors, academics, comedians…


It's time to reclaim Islam from the fanatics. Here's how

Can Islam be reconciled with free expression? The answer is yes

Orestes consults the oracle at Delphi (Roman, 1st century AD).

Management consultancy! Sculpture park! Sports stadium! The many faces of the Delphic Oracle

Sam Leith finds the most sacred site of Ancient Greece still a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma


Simon Callow’s notebook: What it’s like to lose at an awards ceremony

It was one of those weeks. On Monday, I was in four countries: I woke up at crack of dawn…


I’m scared to admit to being a Tory in today’s C of E

Believe me, it’s not easy to be a Tory in today’s C of E