Hughes in 1986: Bate simply fails to make the case his book stands on – that the poet was a sadist

An unauthorised, and unconvincing, biography of Ted Hughes

Craig Raine says that Jonathan Bate’s unauthorised biography of Ted Hughes gets it wrong on every level

Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in Manhattan

Woody Allen: a life of jazz, laughter, depression —and a few misdemeanours

Woody Allen (born Allan Stewart Konigsberg), the prolific, Oscar-winning auteur, New Orleans-style jazz clarinettist, doyen of New York delicatessen society,…

Novel romance: Richard Madden as Mellors and Holliday Grainger as Constance Chatterley

Guns, tools and toffee apples - but no nudity: BBC1’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover reviewed

It’s hard to know whether the actor James Norton was being naive or disingenuous when he claimed in publicity interviews…

How common is adultery? Much more common than getting caught

How many cheats? More data on members of extramarital dating site Ashley Madison were put online. How widespread is adultery?…

How many asexuals are there?

No sex, please Several friends of the late Sir Edward Heath asserted that he could not be guilty of sexually…

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Bisexuality is now everywhere – and nowhere

I’m not aware of knowing many bisexual people. Or indeed, off the top of my head, any bisexual people. Which…

Playboy Mansion Hosts Annual Halloween Bash

The uglier the man, the uglier the attitude

The uglier the man, the more he demeans women

Lady Seymour Worsley (Natalie Dormer) with her lovers Richard Worsley (Shaun Evans) and George Bisset (Aneurin Barnard)

Why does TV assume everyone is so thick they have to have everything explained?

My favourite moment in The Scandalous Lady W (BBC2, Monday) was when the heroine played by Natalie Dormer was shown…

‘Asexual’ used to mean something even creepier than ‘Edward Heath’

There was a time when my husband, who often addresses the television, would habitually react to Edward Heath’s appearance on…


You can do anything (but you shouldn’t): the brave new world of internet morality

Going online does not make you invisible – as the adulterers who used the hacked site Ashley Madison are discovering

John Waters: ‘I’m a good uncle — I’ll get you an abortion, I’ll get you out of jail, I’ll take you to rehab.’

John Waters interview: ‘We can’t make fun of Bruce Jenner?’

No one does transgression like the filmmaker John Waters. Jasper Rees talks to him about political correctness, post-ops and pubes


The chemically castrated are useless at crosswords: true or false?

After hitting me with the cancer diagnosis, the urologist offered me the choice of a longer life in exchange for…

Malcolm Layfield, violin teacher, has been cleared of raping an 18-year-old female student in the early 1980s (Photo: PA Images)

Are schoolgirls still fair game for teachers?

Mr Malcolm Layfield, the former violin teacher at Chetham’s music school, will have been celebrating this week after being found…

The sex counsellors' guide to happiness

…different for men and women, say Christine Webber and Dr David Delvin. Which is where the trouble begins


Tinder went looking for fresh flesh – and accidentally found me

Can mobile dating apps move beyond the promise of a one-night stand?

Dear Mary: When is it all right not to bring something to a dinner party?

Q. A wonderful and generous woman invites me, on a regular basis, to dinner parties at her house. What is…


Fifty Shades of Grey, review: ‘Use a condom!’ my sister shouted

And so, in the end, I went with my sister, Toni, to see Fifty Shades of Grey and we saw…


I wouldn't want to be a girl in the age of Tinder

Romance is being killed off by the brutal marketplace of dating apps such as Tinder

Revealed: five British royals who definitely slept with underage girls

Teen queens The Duke of York denied allegations in court papers that he had had sexual relations with a girl…

Joey Essex has described Nigel Farage as 'reem'. But does he actually know what it means? (Photo: Getty)

Does Joey Essex know what ‘reem’ actually means?

Joey Essex is a celebrity who appeared in the ‘scripted reality’ programme The Only Way is Essex, named not after…


S&M&B&Q: Why aren’t there sex-and-shopping novels for men?

I never got beyond page 20 in Fifty Shades of Grey. No one got shot in the first chapter, and…

Grayson Perry almost makes you like Chris Huhne: some feat

James Delingpole falls in love with Grayson Perry - and almost comes round to Chris Huhne

I love Grayson Perry. You might almost call him the anti-Russell Brand: a genuinely talented artist who also has some…

Why the Ancient Greeks thought adultery was worse than rape

A footballer serves his sentence for rape, insisting on his innocence. Debate rages whether he should play again. To us,…

Empress Josephine of France

Don’t worry Brooks Newmark: paisley was sexy once...

Paisley power Paisley pyjamas were in the news. While associated with the town in Renfrewshire, whose mills produced the patterns from 1805,…